Build a Simple Storage Ottoman

What You'll Need
Box cutter
Hinge brackets
New material
Measuring tape
Standard ottoman

Owning an ottoman can add a lot of appeal to your home decor, but a storage ottoman can add some much needed storage space along with that appeal. There is no reason to spend hours and days cutting wood and hammering nails to build a storage ottoman. This article will show you how to build a storage ottoman easily by using an old ottoman.

Step 1 - Removing the Fabric

In order to convert the normal ottoman to a storage ottoman, you first have to remove the fabric. You can reuse the old fabric if you choose to by carefully removing the staples. Use the screwdriver to carefully slide under the staples and pry them from the ottoman. If you decide you do not want to use the fabric, you can measure it to make cutting the new fabric much easier. You can also just rip the fabric completely off the old ottoman, staples and all, to allow for better access to the ottoman.

Step 2 - Take off the Top

In order to make a storage ottoman, you have to remove the top of the old one. This is the most important step. How you remove the top depends on the ottoman you have in your possession. You may need to do some heavy cutting with a saw. In most cases, the top of the ottoman is nailed or screwed to the sides. In this case you just have to pry off the top of the ottoman. Remove any staples or nails left behind from removing the fabric. Check the sides of the ottoman to see if they are sturdy and if not, add wood glue or extra nails.

Step 3 - Adding Hinges to the Removed Top

Adding hinges to the top of the old ottoman is an easy process. It is easier to add the hinges to the top of the ottoman than to the sides. First, measure two inches in from each side of the top of the ottoman and make a mark. Line one hinge up to the mark you made and screw it in place. Repeat with the second hinge. Typically, you will only need two hinges. If you can, purchase hinge joints so that the hinges will be invisible on the outside.

Step 4 - Creating the Storage Ottoman Door

Now that the hinges are in place on the top, you can now create the door to the storage ottoman. Line the hinges on the top of the ottoman (now your door) to the sides of the ottoman. Make sure that the top is in the same spot it was when you removed it. When you are satisfied that it is, attach the bottom of the hinges to the side of the ottoman.

Step 5 - New Upholstery

Now you can replace the fabric you removed in Step 1, or measure and cut out your new fabric. Wrap the top of the door with the fabric and staple it at the bottom and the sides.