Build A Square Deck For Your Pool

A Square deck surround for your backyard pool is simpler with the invention of the floating-foundation system. The floating-foundation system is comprised of concrete footers that sit on the ground. This eliminates the need to drill holes and set posts in concrete before constructing the deck frame. You should check with your local building code to make sure that the system is permitted.

Setting the Footers in Place

For a standard 21-foot pool, you will need about 36 to 48 footers placed around the pool. The footers have slots cut in the top where 4’ X 4’ braces can be set. Drill holes into the joists to match the sockets in the footer.

Set the footers in a pattern beginning a foot away from the pool and out to create a square. With the footers set in place the braces into the concrete. You will need to use a level between each brace and make cuts when required. When you have completed this task, you will be able to attach the deck floor frames to the braces.

Framing the Deck Floor

The deck floor frame should consist of 2 feet  X 6 feet wood planks joined at the corner with braces. This box set will rest on top of the braces and be attached using joist braces and screws. Use a level when attaching the frames to the braces.

Place 2feet X 4 feet diagonal braces in the footers and attach them to the horizontal braces underneath. This will provide additional support for the flooring and give your deck strength.

Laying the Deck Boards

With the deck floor frames and joists in place, cut several 2 feet X 6 feet boards into 4 feet sections and lay them between the frames. You should fasten the boards to the frame using deck screws. Repeat this process until every inch of framing has been covered with boards. Any overhang should be trimmed off using a circular saw.

Attach Guard Rail and Stairs
Attach a guard rail to the outer edge of the deck. Use a pre-made kit that can be purchased from a home improvement store in order to save time. The posts for the guard rails should be attached to the frame a secured with screws. Once the upper rail has been secured, attach the 2 feet X 2 feet balusters 2 to 4 inches from center to the upper rail and lower frame.

Set 2 footers where the stairs will be and set in place to stair stringers. Attach the stringer to the upper joist and set 2 feet X 12 inches planks as stair treads.

Use pressure treated lumber when building the deck. This wood is designed to sustain the outdoors and will not warp or rot over time. All fasteners should be double hot-dipped and galvanized to prevent from rotting or causing damage to the deck.