Build a Storage Ottoman with a Removable Tray

A storage ottoman with a removable tray is a great way to add more seating space and a little style to any living room. It will also give you some extra seating room.

What You'll Need

A storage ottoman can be build from some simple materials. You will need foam padding, cotton or polyester batting, fabric, a staple gun, and piano hinges and a tray of your choice.

Storage Ottoman Construction

Begin by cutting your plywood to the desired specs for your ottoman. Your plywood for the lid should be larger than the bottom piece of the ottoman. Next you will need to measure and drill holes for the screws. Attach your scews with wood glue. Choose an interior color of paint for the inside of the ottoman. This will be the color you see when you open your new piece of furniture. Here you can also keep your removable tray, books, magazines, or anything else you would like to store. Paint the inside of your your ottoman, and allow to dry.

Covering Your Ottoman

First you will need to cut the foam for the lid of your ottoman. Make sure to leave a bit of extra room with your covering, ideally about 1/4 inch of overhang. Once you have your ideal piece, glue it to the top of the ottoman. Next you will need to wrap the entire ottoman in a piece of batting. Cut larger, and then trim the extra. Next you will need to select your fabric for your ottoman. The lid will need to wrapped and stapled. The ottoman body can be covered with a slip style cover when you stitch two sides of the fabric together.

Finishing the Ottoman

For the final steps of the ottoman, attach casters to the bottom of the box. Install your lid hinges with a drill—mark your drill holes on the body of the ottoman and then add your screws.

Once complete you will have a practical piece of furniture for your den or living room, plus an extra bit of storage to boot.