Build A Stylish Mirror Frame In 7 Steps

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Mirror Adhesive
Nail Gun

Building a stylish mirror frame can be an enjoyable and creative activity. There are no limits to what you can do in this project. This article will discuss the basic principles behind creating a stylish mirror frame and then you can let your imagination run wild.

Step 1 - Measure

Take the mirror’s measurements. At your local hardware store you can get all the material you need already cut according to your specifications. Buy ½ inch plywood backing cut to two inches wider in diameter than your mirror so that you add the trim. You will need wood trim to form around the perimeter of your mirror-what will constitute the actual “frame”.

Step 2 - Choose the Trim

Choose an appealing trim to create your stylish frame. If you want to get a bit more creative you can choose a plain wood trim and improve upon it later.

Step 3 - Measure Mirror Placement

Placing the plywood backing on a flat surface, measure two inches off the perimeter and mark it with your pencil. Do that to each side of the plywood backing. This indicates your mirror placement. Using mirror adhesive, coat the area defined by the pencil lines. It is especially important that you use the correct adhesive because other adhesives will eventually damage your mirror.

Step 4 - Glue the Mirror to Plywood

Place your mirror onto the plywood backing and press it down firmly onto the adhesive, then set it aside to dry.
Now we will work on the “frame”. If you chose a wood trim that you like “as-is” but just want to change the color, you can now apply a stain or paint the trim to the desired color.

If you chose a plain frame so that you can get a little creative with it, here are a few ideas: 

  • Create a mosaic. Crush pieces of glass, tile, or even shells, and glue the pieces to your wood trim.                                 
  • You can also create a custom frame using the same concept as that of a mosaic or collage. Take matchbooks from foreign places, miniature decorative masks, toy cars, or other such items and glue them onto your wood trim. The point is to leave little or no trim visible. Using this technique and your imagination, you will create a stylish one-of-a-kind mirror frame.

Step 4 - Arrange the Trim

Arrange the trim around the perimeter of the mirror, directly on the part of the plywood backing that is exposed. Nail the trim to the plywood backing using a nail gun.

Step 5 - Fill Holes

If there are any holes left by the nail gun, you can fill them with putty and paint over them if you need to.

    After following the steps you will have a stylish mirror frame that will also serve as a conversation piece.