Build A Sun Porch In 14 Steps

Adding a sun porch to your home is not as complicated as other building projects. Furthermore, the addition of a sun porch can not only enhance the family’s lifestyle but will add to the home’s value. Follow the step-by-step instructions that follow and once completed – enjoy.

Tools and Materials Needed:
•2 by 10 boards
•Hand Saw
•Plywood boards
•Stud finder
•Pencil and chalk
•Wood glue
•Roofing paper and shingles
•Linoleum or carpeting
•Window screening
•Heavy staple gun

Step 1 - Attach a Ledger Board

Start by taking a 2 by 10 placing it at the back of the house where the sun porch will attach. Use a level and mark the back wall with chalk and then hammer it in place.

Step 2 – Add Floor Joists

Attach 2 by 10 joists to each side of the ledger board by running a bead of wood glue where each board meets and then secure these wit nails hammered diagonally.

Step 3 – Place Additional Floor Joists

Mark the spot for each joist along the board every 16 inches, and hammer a 2 by 10 at each mark finishing with wood glue to secure each position.

Step 4 – Add a Front Ledger

As above, place a 2 by 10 as a front ledger and hammer and glue it into place. Make sure the front ledger is hammered into place with each joist every 16 inches.

Step 5 – The Floor

Use plywood sheets as flooring securing these with wood screws for better anchoring.

Step 6 – The Walls

Construct the wall frames just like the floor taking 2 by 10s to make a square frame. Make markings ever 16 inches along the frame boards and then attach joists where marked. Do this three times to complete all four walls.

Step 7 – Add Support

Cut several 16-inch pieces from the 2 by 10s to place halfway up every joist and hammer these in place horizontally for added support.

Step 8 – Roof

Take two 2 X 10s and cut these diagonally on each side then hammer together at the top of the front wall forming a triangle shape. Add another board at the center top of this triangle to frame the roof. Place joists every 16 inches on each side making sure to angle the joists so they will be flush to the walls where they will be attached.

Step 9 – Attach to the House

Hammer the front wall and glue the top roof beam to the house, Hammer the wall base to the floorboards at each stud.

Step 10 – Side Walls

Place both side wall hammering the roof joists to the top of each wall frame. Using a stud finder, place plywood boards as the roof in place by attaching to each frame stud.

Step 11 – Shingle the Roof

Starting from the bottom working up, hammer the roof shingles to the plywood overlapping each at least two inches,

Step 12 – Window

After measuring the window screen, cut it for each frame section of the window wall. Staple it in place with the heavy staple gun.

Step 13 – A Little Paint

Paint the interior and exterior as desired or stain the wood. Make sure to apply waterproof wood sealer on all walls.

Step 14 - Flooring

Install either linoleum or carpeting and select some patio furniture and your ready to entertain.