Build a Swivel Chair Ottoman

Having a swivel chair ottoman available to sit in after a hard day at work is a great luxury that your feet will be very happy about. You can build one yourself with just a few simple steps and hand tools.

Start With Frame
The base of the swivel chair ottoman is the best place to start. Cut out a piece of 3/4 in. plywood that is 15 in. x 15 in. Once that is cut then, cut out an identical piece for the top of the ottoman. Finish your ottoman's frame with four 15 in. x 20 in. sides. Glue all pieces together and screw securely.

Upholster With Favorite Fabric
After that is finished, spread some foam padding over entire ottoman and glue to frame. Stretch favorite type of fabric (leather, suede, or regular cotton) over top and sides. Gather together at the bottom and secure with staples underneath.

Make It Swivel
The swivel chair ottoman will be able to move with some swivel casters on each corner of the bottom of the ottoman. These casters will help it roll easily and swivel.

Add this simple, yet sturdy, swivel chair ottoman to your family room and you'll enjoy a touch of luxury every night after work.