Build a Tool Shed Walls and Door

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Electric nail gun
Manufactured door
Door knob assembly
(24) 2-inch by 4-inch by 10-foot long pieces of lumber; all-weather
(8) 10-foot long by 8-foot wide by 1/4-inch thick pieces of plywood; all-weather
(8) 2-inch by 4-inch by 12-foot long pieces of lumber; all-weather
Circular saw

This article specifically details how to erect the walls and place a door on an outdoor garden shed.

Step 1 - Wall Frame

You cannot directly nail the wall frame into the base, so you have to assemble each section separately then nail them in place.

Lay one 12-foot long piece of lumber on the ground standing on end. Place one 10-foot long piece of lumber at one of the ends of the 12-foot long piece and nail in place. Repeat with the other end making sure they are even to the edges before securing.

Along the bottom of the frame, measure every six inches and make a mark. Place a 10-foot long piece of lumber, thick side up, at one of each mark and nail in place.

When all of the studs have been installed you can cap the wall frame by placing and nailing a 12-foot long piece of lumber along the top of the frame.

Repeat this exact same process for two more walls. The last side is the wall with the door.

Measure the width of the door and divide in half. Lay out the wall frame as you did before by placing two pieces of 10-foot long lumber at each end of a 12-foot long piece of lumber and nailing them in place.

Measure six feet from the edge to find the center; draw a line. Measure the half-width distance of the door from each end. Position and nail in place a 10-foot long piece of lumber at the end marks of the door. Place and nail a stud every six inches then cap the assembly with the last 12-foot long piece of lumber.

Step 2 - Installing the Wall Frame

You will now attach the wall frames to the tool shed base.

Stand one wall section up and place it on the frame and line it up. When satisfied nail in place at the bottom. Repeat with the remaining wall frames.

With the wall frames in place nail them to each other at the corners.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Now comes the easy part: installing the sheeting and the door.

Begin with a wall without the door and measure the width then divide in half. Transfer this measurement to a sheet of plywood and cut to suit. Place a plywood section on the frame at the edge. Nail the plywood in place with a nail every six inches along the stud.

Repeat with the remaining sections of plywood but leaving the door end alone.

Measure from the end of the frame to the end of the stud where the door will be. Cut a piece of plywood to suit that wall, line-up, and nail in place.

Install the hinges, door, and door knob according to directions.