Build a Toy Organizer for the Bedroom

What You'll Need
Plastic bins
Dowel rods
Drill bit (same diameter as the dowel rods)
Wood glue
Tape measure
Rubber mallet

If your child's room looks like it was just hit by a tornado, a toy organizer will help contain the madness. While a ordinary toy chest will do as a place to dump toys, it doesn't teach how to organize toys for easy retrieval.This article will show you how to build a toy organizer quickly and inexpensively.

Step 1: Cleaning Out

Before determining the size of the toy organizer or how many bins you need you have to clean house first. In order to maintain organization you have to give away or put in the garbage those toys that are broken or never played with. Removing the clutter means you can start fresh with a clean slate.

Step 2: Measuring for the Toy Organizer

Decide where you want the toy organizer to go and how large you will need it to be based on the amount of toys left in the room. Allow for future toy growth over the coming months. You want the toy organizer to be accessible to the children so the height of it should be determined by the size of the tallest child that will be using it. This is also a good way to prevent younger children from playing with toys you may not want them to have access to.

Step 3: Wood Cutting

On your piece of plywood measure out two end pieces that are both the same height and width then cut them out. Use the tape measure again and measure 2 inches from the top edge on each end piece. and 2 inches in from each side. Feel free to connect the lines for a better visual. Now, make a mark every 6 or 8 inches on the lines down the edges. Use the drill and make a hole at each of these marks. Measure out the length of the toy organizer and cut the dowel rods to match.

Step 4: Assembling the Toy Organizer

Start with one plywood side by laying it flat on the floor. Take one of the dowel rods and place it over one of the holes. Next, use the rubber mallet to hammer the dowel rod in place. Since the hole is just about the same size around as the dowel rod it should be a tight fit. Continue pacing the dowel rods in this side of the toy organizer. When you are finished with one side place the remaining side on the floor, flip the one you just finished over and line up the dowel rods. Hammer these in place as well. You may not set the toy organizer upright. At this point in time you can add wood glue to the where the dowel rods are positioned.

Step 5: Finishing Up

With the toy organizer built you may now sand the unit down and paint it. Add the bins and you're finished.