Build A Wishing Well In Four Steps

What You'll Need
Mitre Box and Saw
Carpenter Square
Landscape Timbers, All-Weather (6)
2x4 all-weather, 10 feet long (1)
2x4 pine, 8 feet long (2)
2x5/4-inch pine, 8 feet long (1)
4x5 ft Plywood or OSB panel, 7/16-inches thick (1)
1/2 -inch Decking Screws (3)
Blue Tack Nails
1 bundle Cedar shake shingles
Wood Glue

Add a little magic to it your garden by building your own wooden wishing well. Building wishing wells can be a pretty simple process since you do not have to dig a deep hole in your yard. This type of structure can also easily be drained and moved.

The following steps will instruct you on how to build a wishing well—simply decide how large you want your well to be.

The finished wishing well will measure roughly 18-inches tall.

Step 1 - Cutting the Lumber

Begin with the landscape timbers by measuring 8-inch long sections on the outside at 22½ degree angle for the base. Cut the 10-foot long pine in half measured 1¾-inches from center. Cut across at a 22½ degree angle for the upright supports.

Cut the remaining 2x4 pine boards to 4 pieces, each 15-inches long with a 22½ degree angle for bracing. Cut out 2 pieces measured 12½-inches each at a 22½ degree angle. Cut 2 pieces to measure 18-inches in length.

Lastly, cut the 7/16-inch plywood or OSB Panel in half.

Step 2 - Assembling the Base

Create your first layer of the base buy connecting the cut landscape timber, applying wood glue around the top. Begin a second layer, starting it in the middle of the first base so the layers are not all perfectly straight up and down.

Continue building layers and adding glue until the wishing well is 6 layers high.

Step 3 - Adding the Supports & Brace

Use the 10 ft. 2x4 boards you cut in half. Place one of the halves inside the well with the angled edge facing up. Screw the support to the first, third, and fifth layers. Repeat with the second half of the supports.

Next, create the roof braces by screwing one of the 15-inch pieces to each side of the supports. Use the 12½-inch pieces to brace the outside of the roof bottom by screwing them lengthwise on each side of the supports, lining them up with the previous brace. Screw the 18-inch pieces to the front, back and top center of the structure to support the roof.

Step 4 - The Roof

With your roof support structure assembled, you can now create the roof. Nail the plywood or OSB Panel to the roof support section. Add the shingles to the roof to finish this part of the project.