Build a Wood Wall Shelf with Hidden Brackets

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wood glue
Wood strips (width: 1 inch, thickness: 1/2 -inch)
Wood screws (length: 1 1/2 inches and 3 inches)
Power saw
Power drill
Paint or stain of your choice
Paint brush
A piece of clean cloth

A wood wall shelf is both a functional and an aesthetic addition to your home. Shelves are a good way to use the free areas in your room both for decorative purposes and to gain more storage space. If you do not like the appearance of shelve brackets you can either choose to buy floating shelves or you can prepare a shelf with hidden brackets yourself. The task might take a few hours and is not very difficult, but it requires some do-it-yourself skills.


Step 1 – Measure the Space

Use the measuring tape to determine the space you have available for your shelf. Establish the size of the shelves.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood Strips

Take the wood strips and measure a length equal to the length of your shelf. Add 2 more inches to that length (e.g a 32 inch shelf will require a 34 inch wood strip). Cut the wood strip with a saw. Cut 2 more wood strips of the same length as the first.

You will also need 2 more wood strips with a length equaling your shelf’s thickness. You won’t need to add 2 more inches this time.

Step 3 – Prepare a Rectangular Frame

Make a rectangular frame using the 2 shorter wood strips and 2 of the longer wood strips you have cut. The 2-inch edge of a short strip should be fixed to the 2-inch end of the longer strip. Glue the assembly together. Use smaller (1½ inches) wood screw to fix the frame. Fix each connection with 3 screws. For this step you will need a total of 12 wood screws.

Step 4 – Cut Remaining Wood Strip

Measure the total width of the frame you prepared. Cut the remaining wood strip to match the width. Place this strip to the back of the frame. Fix it using wood glue and reinforce the frame by inserting 6 small wood screws (1½ inches) in each long strip. The screws should be inserted at even distances on the long strip.

Step 5 – Sand and Finish the Frame

Sand the entire frame with sandpaper. Paint the frame in the same color as the shelf or use a different matching color.

Step 6 – Fasten the Bracket to the Wall

Fix the bracket onto the wall. Drill holes and insert the longer screws (3-inch long) into the wall, through the back plate. The bracket can be fixed to 2 wall studs, so the shelves will be more resistant. Identify the wall studs using a stud finder.

Step 7 – Place  the Shelf

Put wood glue on the inside of the bracket. Place the shelf onto the bracket. Use a clean cloth to clean the excess glue. Insert smaller wood screws (1½ inches), 2 inches apart to reinforce the shelf. Place screws on both faces.