Build A Wooden Fence Using A Post Auger

When you build a wooden fence, a post auger will be a valuable tool. A post auger is a large heavy drill that is operated with a gas motor and has a bit that drives into the ground. 

Safety First

Because of the auger's size, you will want to keep safety foremost in your mind. If possible, have someone help you keep the auger straight. Gloves, eye protection and steel toed boots are recommended when using a post auger.

Mark Locations

Mark the locations where the wooden posts are going to be placed. By doing this, you will make the actual digging of the holes much quicker and handling the auger much easier.

Hold Auger Straight

Hold the post auger as straight as you can. Keep both hands on the handles and guide the auger into place.

Let Auger Do Work

When you build a wooden fence with a post auger it is important to let the auger do the work. Set it in the place you want the hole dug and let the bit dig into the ground. You may need to lift the auger occasionally to free the bit of dirt and rocks.