Build an Ottoman Cube

Assembling an ottoman cube for your home is a relatively simple task that allows you to customize its design.

After determining the height you'd like your cube to be, you can construct the frame out of 2”x4” lumber and sheath it in plywood.  It’s important to remember to account for the thickness of the padding and upholstery when constructing the frame. Another important tip is to pre-drill and fasten the 2x4’s that make up the frame with screws. 

Once the frame of the ottoman cube has been constructed, you can add the padding to the top and sides. The padding can be any foam material that can be easily found at local craft stores. You can then fasten the padding to the plywood with a staple gun.

Finally, apply the upholstery you’ve chosen over the frame. Once you’ve made sure it’s a snug fit you can then install the legs.  You can purchase ottoman legs and most home improvement stores. These legs screw right into the corners of your ottoman frame.