Build an Outdoor Garden Room

What You'll Need
Shed construction kit or similar

For house designers, there comes a point where you simply run out of space within the house, and this is one reason why creating a garden room has become increasingly popular. Outdoor rooms are simple to plan and create, and you could probably made one in a day, or during a weekend. In order to build a garden room, you will need a shed-or-sauna style building kit (available from most home improvement centers), and a good idea of where you want your garden room to be.


  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Window frames
  • Saw
  • Metal base bracket
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdriver
  • Deck sealant
  • A concrete foundation

Step 1 - Laying the Foundations

Decide where you wish to place your garden room, and dig out the foundations. You should be careful to ensure that your garden room will be within a size allowed by local building regulations, and you may also wish to include a concrete foundation, to prevent groundwater from rotting the timbers. Put wood in each of the corners.

If you are laying a concrete foundation, then cover the edges of the foundation with cardboard, and pour in a concrete solution, and put in metal brackets for each corner while the concrete is still wet.

Step 2 - Build the Frame 

Cut the wood to suitable lengths, and then treat them with decking. You will need strong timbers for the floor. Cut out other frame parts, or remove them from the shed-making kit, and assemble these pieces on a flat surface. You should have a frame which is rectangular, roughly twice as tall as it is wide. Nail your pieces of the frame together, and cover with wooden pine boards. Repeat until you have four sides to your garden room. Place the corners of your frames against the base brackets previously inserted into the concrete, and nail the bracket and frame together, until your walls are upright.

Step 3  - Build the Roof

Once you have built the frames, cut the aluminum to form a solid roof. Build a gable roof by fixing two pieces of wood into a triangle at the front and back of your garden room, and then adding a cross-piece at the top point of the two triangles. Cover each side of the roof with plastic sheeting, and then nail the aluminium over the top of the plastic. This will help to keep your garden room dry.

Step 4 - Make Window Frames

Window frames are easily obtained at home improvement stores, so simply saw a hole through the side of your wall, large enough to allow the frame to fit easily into the hole, and then nail in your frame. You should also add a door to the front of the garden room. Cover all your wooden areas with deck sealant, and leave to dry.

Step 5 - Furnishings

Once your garden room is complete you can add fixtures and fittings, such as carpet, curtains, and furniture. Depending upon how large you have made the garden room, you can include easy chairs, tables, and other accessories. Garden rooms are ideal places to spend the summer evenings.