Build an Outdoor Sauna: Finishing the Interior

What You'll Need
Wall cleaning solution
Masking tape
Cotton rags or cut up T-shirts
Natural bristle brushes
Paint gun

When you're building an outdoor sauna, the interior must be just right, because you want to feel comfortable within your surroundings. There are multiple finishes to choose from, which include cotton fiber, natural bristle brushes, or paint gun stain application options. Therefore, you’ll need to decide the method you prefer most, before you even begin. Once you’ve decided, here are the basic three steps to finishing your sauna's interior.

Step 1 – Clean the Surface

Always prepare your surface so it's clean and free of any dust before putting on stain. Wipe it down first with a wood grain cleaning solution.

Step 2 – Cover Up Any Glue

If you have done any gluing to the walls, make certain you place masking tape to cover all these surfaces.

Step 3 – Apply Stain

You might utilize a brush or rag, which are both appropriate for most store bought stains. Some kits are made so you can simply spray the stain on. Absorbent rags, comprised of natural fibers – such as cotton – are effective when it comes to staining wood. Any old cut up T-shirt will do the trick.

As for brush choices, it makes no difference if you select a natural bristle brush or a synthetic model – either will work just fine. Foam brushes are not option number one, as they can sometimes dissolve in the solvents contained in many stains.

Spray On Staining Options

  • If you choose to utilize a spray-on stain, make sure the paint gun is in the light viscosity position.
  • If you’ve selected a thick pigment variety, it will be necessary to thin your solution before applying it. Pigment stains must be mixed completely and shaken heartily, as these types of stains often settle toward the container’s base.
  • Dye stains need no stirring, although it’s usually a good idea to strain these varieties to eliminate lumps not yet completely dissolved.
  • If you have numerous smaller cans containing the same tone, combine these into a bigger container and mesh them together to be certain colors are the same and not streaked.

Whether you have chosen wipe-on or spray-on stain, go ahead and apply it now. Remove any excess stain using a paper towel. Allow the stain to dry and then put on a second coat if there are patchy areas. Complete the finishing with varnish, wood polish or shellac to preserve the stain.

The biggest part of finishing your sauna comes with deciding the method you’d like to use to stain it. Once you’ve made a choice, the work is fairly simple. If you follow these basic guidelines, your sauna interior will have the consistent wood tone you desire. By doing the interior just right, you may never want to leave your outdoor sauna.