How to Installs a Bathroom Corner Shelf

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A bathroom corner shelf can add much-needed storage space or a decorative touch to your bathroom. Follow these simple installation steps for an afternoon project.

Choose Prefabricated or Custom

Home improvement stores carry basic corner shelves in kits. You may buy a prefabricated shelf kit to save yourself the trouble of measuring and cutting your own lumber. Additionally, some prefabricated kits come in vinyl or other manmade material, as well as a variety of colors.

If you choose to cut your own shelf, use a piece of finished plywood or a small piece of 12;-inch lumber. If you use plywood, choose Grade A, unless you plan to paint rather than stain. If you are going to paint, Grade B is acceptable. A hard or softwood will give better results than plywood. Have basic plans drawn before you purchase lumber in order to plan for the appropriate amount.

Measure, Measure, Cut

Use the protractor to check the 90-degree angle for the corner shelf. Measure a string to the dimensions you want for your shelf. Use a ruler or a scrap of wood to mark that length on the wall; be sure it is the length you want before cutting. Secure the end of the string in the corner and draw an arc. Doing so will provide you with a cutting line for your shelf.

Cut pieces of molding or small pieces of wood to serve as supports under the storage shelf. These supports will be nearly as long as the shelf, but not quite as long to avoid the need to miter the ends in the corner.

Install Supports

Use a level to ensure a flat surface, then install the supports on the 2 walls at the corner. Start the support the same distance from the corner on each wall. Make certain that you screw the supports into wall studs so that they will hold the shelf securely. If there are no studs, use toggle bolts or drywall anchors. Paint the supports to match the walls

Install and Finish the Shelf

Secure the shelf to the support brackets with small screws or nails. Do not use too much pressure on the shelf to avoid causing damage. Finish the shelf with stain and sealant, or with primer and paint, depending on the look of your bathroom.