Build Country Kitchen Cabinets

Creating country kitchen cabinets can usually be done inexpensively without replace your existing cabinets. You can achieve a country kitchen look with simple modifications like adding beadboard and with finishing techniques such as distressing the wood, adding stencil finishes and using stains.

Adding Beadboard

A great way to update your current look is to add some beadboard to a few of the cabinets. To do this remove the door from the hinges, cut away the center and install the beadboard. To hide the seams mount the beadboard to the back of the door. This will give your kitchen a great, customized look.

Distress the Cabinets

You can purchase craft supplies that will give the cabinets a distressed look without actually damaging the wood. Using a glaze around the trim work will create a distressed look. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can use a crackle finish to give it an even more distressed look. Crackle is a 3-part process involving a lot of painting and waiting. The look is worth the effort though.

Stencil Finishes

Getting some simple country-styled stencils and painting the cabinets can give your cabinets an updated country look. To add an even more country look you can paint with the stencils, then glaze over the cabinet after the stencil has dried. This will combine the distressed look with a more custom paint job and will certainly turn heads in your kitchen.

Using Stains

Many people feel stuck with their oak cabinets since they are one of the cheapest materials for cabinetry. You can get some great looks by using stains if you have plain old oak cabinets. You can use stains that are colorful, like sage greens or country blues. You can use a deep mahogany or cherry finish to give the cabinets a more elegant country look. The choices are endless.

Open Cabinet Designs

If you don’t mind a few of your cabinets having an open design you will have a great option for country cabinets. You can cut the center out of a few of your cabinets and install a lattice instead of a solid center. You can also use a more rustic slat board as well. You don’t need to have all your cabinets open, just a few will give you a great-looking kitchen.

Add Fabric Elements

If you are willing to do a little more work, you can create interchangeable fabric inlays for your cabinets. You will need to remove the center of the cabinet to achieve this. Once removed, you can upholster a piece of board to install in place. With this you can create a kitchy country look without a lot of money or effort. The other great thing with these designs is that you can change the fabric and the overall look of your kitchen at any point.