Build Drawers: Closet Custom Storage Made Easy

Sometimes keeping your closet organized is as simple as installing some closet drawers. A set of closet of drawers can simplify your life by keeping things neat.


The first thing you need to do for this project is measure your closet and figure out what dimension you want your drawers to have and write them down.

Choose the Wood

Take the measurements to your local hardware store and choose the kind of wood that you would like to have. You can use anything from plywood to oak. Some kinds of wood will be more expensive. If you don’t necessarily care how beautiful the drawers are, the easiest and cheapest way to go is with plywood.

Starting the Work

For the sides, you need to cut the plywood into the lengths that the drawer needs to be, then set them to height. Set your table saw to the width of the wood, then the blade should go down about half of that. Use the saw to make the initial cut that you’ll need for the bottom of the drawer.

Once your done with that, turn off the table saw. Then you need to move the blade to the right, the same width of the blade. Use the same edge and make another pass on the plywood. You might want to test out your wood, because it’s important to have a tight fit.

Next, cut the blocks for the front and backs of the drawers. Get the measurement of the drawer and subtract one inch. Then, measure from the top side of the drawer to the dado and set the blade ½ inch on the plywood to make the fronts and backs of the drawers.

Put It Together

For the bottom, you'll need to figure out the length of the side of the drawer. You’ll make this the depth of the bottom of the drawer. Get the width of the front of the drawer and add on an extra 7/16 inch. You’ll make this the width of the bottom of the drawer. Cut out the board following your measurements.

You can put the drawers together by using a thin line of wood glue. You’ll want to attach some one inch brads after you’ve glued it to make sure it’s secure. Wipe off any extra glue with a damp rag.

Add the drawer front by running wood glue from the top of the dado to the top of the drawer side and secure it with the 1-inch brads. Clean off excess glue with a damp cloth.

Now you can add the bottom, the same way, with wood glue and one inch brads. Make sure that the fit is nice and tight.

Use wood glue on the exposed parts of the drawer to seal it up and wipe off the extra. Once they are dry you can sand them down and stain them.  Again you’ll need to wait for the stain, and any sealant you on top of that to completely dry before assembling them into the cabinet.