Build Pigeon Hole Shelving Units for CD and DVD Storage

What You'll Need
Utility Knife
Wood Stain
Rigid Cardboard
Wood Stain
Black Paint
Paint Brush

Pigeon hole shelving units can be built to house your CD and DVD collection. The easiest way to approach this project is to stack milk cartons on top of each other to use as the shelving units for your CD and DVD collections. This article describes the process for building your pigeon hole shelving, including the tools, materials and steps required to complete the project.

Step 1: Purchase Materials to Build Pigeon Hole Shelving Units

Before you begin, make note of the measurements you will need: you will make referenced cuts of 7 1/4 inches in height, 14 1/2 inches in width and 7 1/4 inches in depth for CDs. DVD measurements will be 37 1/2 inches in height, 19 1/2 inches in width and 9 1/2 inches in depth. You can confirm these measurements by measuring the width, height and depth of your CD and DVD cases.

You will need to purchase lumber at a lumber yard or home improvement center. Purchase enough wood to accommodate the height that you are looking to build for your pigeon hole storage unit. The dimensions listed above for the CDs will house 26 CDs and the dimensions listed for DVDs will house 120 DVDs, plus 44 CDs or 220 CDs.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Take the wood that you purchased from the lumber yard or home improvement center and make cuts based on the dimensions listed above. Also, the dimensions mentioned above are a suggestion only; you can add or subtract in order to make whatever dimension you would like the pigeon hole shelves.

Use a table or circular saw to make the cuts in the wood that will make up the shelves and sides of the shelving unit.

Step 3: Assemble the Shelving Units

Dry fit the pieces to the shelving unit in the manner in which you want to store the CDs and DVDs. Once you dry fit the storage unit fasten the shelves and sides together using wood glue and nails. Allow the glue to dry completely after nailing the shelving unit together and wipe off any excess glue.

Step 4: Stain the Shelving Unit

Once the glue has dried, it is time to stain the shelving unit. Take a paint brush and stain the shelving units with a stain that compliments the decor of the room. You will only need to stain the wood once. Allow the stain to dry before proceeding to the last step in the process. 

Step 5: Place the Pigeon Hole Backing on the Shelving Unit

Once the stain has dried, cut out pieces of stiff cardboard using heavy duty scissors or shears. You will need a jig saw or utility knife to cut small holes in the center of the cardboard. Paint the cardboard black using the black paint and paint brush.

Attach the cardboard pigeon holes to the back of the shelving unit.