Build Your Own Bar Mirror

What You'll Need
Mirror or mirror tile with adhesive backing
Tape measure
Picture frame (optional)
Pencil (optional)
Picture hanging hooks (optional)
Nails and hammers (optional)

You've either just made or purchased a bar for your home, and you want to decorate it with an old fashioned bar mirror behind it. For the do-it-yourselfer who wants to make a bar mirror of their own, there are several options, depending on whether you want a mirror with a frame or a mirror without a frame.

Building a Bar Mirror without a Frame

Purchase a mirror tile with adhesive backing in the height and width you are looking for. Adhere the mirror to the wall behind your bar. Admire your new bar mirror.

        Building a Bar Mirror with a Frame

        Building a bar mirror with a frame can go in one of two directions. You can either build the mirror with a picture frame or build the entire mirror from scratch. Building the mirror with a picture frame is easier, but for the do-it-yourselfer who wants a completely custom made bar mirror, building from scratch is the way to go.

        Building with a Picture Frame

        Purchase a picture frame with the dimensions you want. When making your selection, make sure to purchase a frame that matches the design of your bar.  Remove the glass from the picture frame. Get the exact measurements of the glass, including the thickness. Shop for a piece of mirror with the exact dimensions you measured before. Be sure to find a mirror of the quality you want for your bar.  Insert the mirror into the frame where the glass was. For additional support, keep the cardboard backing in the frame behind the mirror.

        Building a Customer-Made Bar Mirror

        While this method takes more work, you can customize your bar mirror to your own tastes and to match exactly with your bar. Measure the wall behind your bar where you want the mirror to be placed. Craft a frame in the measurements you made. Make sure to craft your frame from the same material as your bar, so that it matches.  Measure the dimensions inside your frame and purchase a mirror that will fit there.
        Insert the mirror into the frame.

          Hanging Your Framed Bar Mirror

          Hold the mirror to the wall behind the bar and pencil a mark on the wall against the top edge of the frame. Measure from the top edge of the frame to the wire the mirror will hang from. Nail the picture hanging hook to the wall that distance from the pencil mark. Hang the mirror from the picture hook. Make sure it's straight.

            As you can see, crafting the perfect mirror for your bar, does not have to be difficult. It's the perfect accessory to go with your bar, giving it a professional, old fashioned feel.