Build Your Own Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Stud finder
Drywall saw
Drywall knife and straight edge
Measuring tape
1x4-inch lumber
Multiple drill bits
Shelf brackets
Screws finishing nails
Wood glue
Cabinet door with inset mirror
2 mount cabinet hinges

A bathroom vanity cabinet maximizes the space in a bathroom. Most of these cabinets consist of a mirror on a hinge that opens to reveal a storage space behind it. They fit directly between the studs of the bathroom wall and are typically easy to install. Building a unit involves a few more steps, but if you have knowledge of measurements and basic tools, you can complete it.

Step 1 - Find and Cut

Locate the studs with the stud finder in the area that you wish to install the vanity. Mark the sides and measure the length that the vanity will be, approximately 30-inches. Mark the top and bottom with a pencil. Use the drywall knife and straight edge to mark out the cut. The drywall saw should be used to take out the drywall in the middle of the area. Since the vanity will be installed between wall studs, before you cut make sure that the area is pleasing and centered to the eye. A side wall above the sink is a great location.

Step 2 - Measure

Measure the exact spacing between the studs in order to build the box that will go inside. A standard measurement will be about 15-inches.

Step 3 - Build

Build a box that will fit into the 15x30-inch space. First attach the shelf brackets on either vertical side of the box. They need to match exactly to have straight shelves. Use the measuring tape to find the exact spacing. Put in extra brackets to allow for shelf adjusting. Use screws to attach the bottom and top of the box to the sides.

The horizontal pieces will be 15-inches each and the vertical will be 28-inches each. You can use corner brackets on the outside if you wish, but gluing the pieces together and then screwing them will suffice because of the support from the studs.

Step 4 - Install

Place the box between the studs and nail to the studs on each side. Use at least 6 nails on each side and a screw at the top and bottom of each side. Countersink them all. Attach the mirrored door to the box with strong hinges.

Step 5 - Shelves

Put in 3 shelves on the shelf brackets and stock with bathroom supplies. This is a simple vanity built into the wall to save precious space. There are other types of vanities that take up the space from floor to ceiling or sometimes the counter and cabinets surrounding it are called a vanity. A project like that is similar and you can use prebuilt kits to install and customize to your bathrooms specifications. Use quality supplies and show care with your measurements and installation to have a vanity that will last for many years.