Build Your Own Bird Bath

What You'll Need
Bag of sand
Cooking oil
Spade or trowel
Plastic wrap
Ceramic pieces
Sealant for ceramic

A bird bath is a shallow container of water that bird enthusiasts can place in their backyards to attract birds. You can easily build your own bird bath, which will be a decorative piece in your garden, while at the same time bringing in chirpy birds. Bird baths can be placed on small pillars that are about 3 feet in height, or hung from hooks or tree branches. Bird baths are best placed at heights, where birds can survey their surroundings and escape from possible predators. Proximity to trees and bushes is also a favorable factor that attracts more birds.

Some of the popular bird baths are made of copper, concrete, and clay. The addition of ceramic gives a decorative touch to concrete bird baths. You can build a ceramic bird bath by following the below steps.

Step 1: Create a Sand Pile

Empty the bag of sand and create an impression in the shape of an inverted basin. This is the surface over which you will mold your bird bath. The basin can be of your preferred size and shape. However, do not create a high mound, because birds prefer shallow structures that hold little water. Cover the sand with plastic wrap, and spray it with generous amounts of cooking oil.

Step 2: Apply the Concrete

Put on your gloves and mix the concrete as per the instructions on the bag, using a trowel or spade. Ensure that the consistency is correct. It should be a thick mixture that can be spread easily. Now take small quantities of the concrete mixture in your hands and put on the plastic wrap. Level the mixture as much as possible, and apply a few layers on top of each other. The end result should be about 3 inches thick. Cover with a cloth and let the bird bath set. The instructions on the concrete bag should tell you how long it will take. Generally, it takes a little more than one day for the concrete to set completely.

Step 3: Glue the Ceramic Pieces

After the concrete has set completely, remove the covering cloth from the bird bath. Put the ceramic pieces in an old cloth and form a pouch. Use the hammer to pound the ceramic gently. Glue the ceramic pieces on to the bird bath. Once the glue is completely dry, you can mix the grout. Make sure the grout is of the proper consistency, and then spread it over the ceramic pieces with a knife. Remove extra grout with a soft damp cloth. As per the directions, let the grout dry completely.

You can apply sealant on the ceramic to protect the surface. Before filling the bird bath with water, make sure the sealant is completely dry. You can then place the birdbath on a level surface that is about a 3 feet high. Now you have a beautiful bird bath that increases the appeal of your garden, and also brings birds flocking to your yard.