Build Your Own Bookcase Window Seat

What You'll Need
2 Identical cupboard boards
Nails or screws
4 cupboard hinges
Staple gun
Hardboard, or very thin wood
Latch or metal plates with a magnetic catch

A window seat can provide a great view of your yard or garden and convenient extra seating, but it can be in the way if you have limited space. By combining a bookcase and a window seat, you will be able to give yourself a nice piece of furniture that will serve more than one purpose.

Step 1: Creating and Stabilizing the Bookcase

If you have a low standing bookcase, you will not need to build a new one.

The easiest way to build a new one is to find a high-standing bookcase and cutting it down to the right size using a saw. The bookshelf must be made out of durable material, since it will be sat on, and must be in good condition.

Take the bookshelf apart and cut each piece to the right size. Then put the bookshelf back together using screws to fasten it correctly and tightly. For the most stability, screw in extra screws in the back of the shelf where each shelf will sit.

Step 2: Finishing the Bookshelf

For a more finished look, attach a piece of scrap wood across the top and bottom of the bookshelf to give it a trimmed look.

If you would like to give it a finished look, attach two matching cupboard doors to wither side of the bookshelf. You should be able to find old cupboard doors at a salvage yard. Attach the metal stripping to the back of each door, and the magnetic part on one of the shelves near the strip. This will allow your door to catch when it is closed.

Screw in cupboard hinges to the door and attach them to the sides of the bookshelves. You should be able to find hinges at your local hardware store.

Paint or stain the bookshelf to the color of your choice. Try to match the color to other items that will be in the same room as the seat. This will give the room a more balanced look.

Step 3: Adding the Seat

After the bookshelf has been painted and allowed to completely dry, take a piece of foam and cover the top of the hardboard with a layer to give it a nice cushion. The lay a piece of fabric over the top and pull it tight to not allow for any wrinkled or bubbles in your seat.

As you fold in each corner neatly and make a nice hem around the edge, use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the top of the hardboard.

After the seat is completed, attach the hardboard to the bookshelf by screwing it in tightly to prevent it from falling off.

With a little work, you will be able to make a nice, custom piece of furniture for any room of your home and to display it proudly to all your guests.