Build Your Own Football Display Case

What You'll Need
Wood frame
Piece of wood
Sheet of acrylic
Short screws
Right angle brackets
Hinge and latch
Strip heater

Whether a football is given to you by your favorite athlete or you have bought it from a memorabilia store, using a football display case is a great way to put the item on show. You should find that the task of building a display case it is not as difficult as it first appears and the finished product can create a great effect.

Step 1 – Design

Begin the process of building your football display case by drawing up a plan of the case to display how you intend it to look. Measure the length and width of the football to obtain the dimensions to use as a guide for the size of the case. Ensure that there will ultimately be at least an inch between the case and each side of the football so that it is not squashed in. Decide whether you require a permanent case or whether an access door is required.  

Step 2 – Gather Materials

Opt for acrylic instead of glass as it is easier to work with and shape to fit the design of your football display case. To bend the acrylic, you will need to make use of a strip heater which can be hired. If you cannot find a wooden photo frame of the correct size, create one yourself by attaching strips of wood to the back panel.

Step 3 – Prepare

Make the materials ready for assembly by cutting and finishing them. Measure a strip of acrylic that is as thick as the recess of the frame where you intend to fit it. Cut it with a saw and ensure that the length is sufficient to create a rectangular box shape. Use a strip heater to create two folds until you can form a U-shaped tube. The open end will be attached to the frame so you must also cut two pieces for the sides.

Use another piece of acrylic to create the stand on which the football will be placed. The stand should comprise a wide V to hold the football, it should be bent to an angle of 120 degrees to attach it to the base of the football display case.    

Step 4 – Assemble    

Attach a hinge to one of the side panels to create a door and position the corresponding latch on the other side. Remove the backing of the frame and attach a thicker piece of wood in its place by inserting screws, the glass can be discarded. Glue the stand to the middle of the base of the acrylic casing with the V-shape facing forward.

Fit a right angle bracket at a midway point on each edge of the acrylic before fixing the other side to the backing of the football display case. You may need to use a short screwdriver to access the screws properly. Once complete, put the football in place and close the door of the case.