Build Your Own Knife Display Case

What You'll Need
Wooden case or frame
1/8 inches of thick hardwood
Fabric cover and padding
Masking tape with a wide width
Hooks or other materials for hanging knives
Wood glue
Drill (with different sets of bits)
Measuring tape
Framing square

Knife display cases are one of the best ways you can show your passion for cutting utensils like knives. Usually, knives are hidden inside drawers and knife holders. But for enthusiasts like chefs and knife hobbyists, they show their pride by displaying their collection so it can be viewed by their visitors. If you are one of the people who have a hobby of collecting different kinds of knives, to show your fascination about these utensils and to preserve their beauty as well, you can make you own knife display case. All you need are some materials (which do not cost a lot) and some effective procedures to follow. 

Step 1: Acquiring the Needed Materials

Go to your local hardware store to acquire the needed materials for your knife display case. Make sure that the size of the board you pick will be able to house all the knives you want to put into it. To make sure you get the right size, before going to the hardware get a manila paper and lay it on the floor. Get all the knives that you have and place them on the paper according to the style you want them displayed. Get a measuring taps and a pencil, and make a square surrounding the arrangement you made. This will determine the size of the back board you will need for your display case.

Step 2: Measuring the Size of the Frame

Repeating the same procedure in step 1, once you have acquired the back board. Get all the knives that you have and place them on the wood according to the style you want them displayed. This time, instead of the measuring tape, a framing square should be used to make accurate borders. Mark the outline with the use of a pencil, making sure that you have allotted enough space to store the knives in a manner that they do not overlap each other.

Step 3: Cutting, Drilling and Mounting

Use the saw to cut the board along the lines you have marked. After you have cut the board, get the fabric cover and upholster the board. Make sure that you cut the upholstery bigger than that of the case (about 1 inch bigger) for you to be able to cover the back entirely. Flatten the cover and turn the board backwards. Now, secure the upholstery at the back with some wood glue and masking tape. This will make sure the upholstery does not fall off. After doing this, drill the holes to the fabric and secure the hooks. Mount the cabinet on the designated wall. After this, you can now display all the knives in your display case.