Build Your Own Modular Garage Storage Units

Modular garage storage is an effective way to increase the storage in a garage. These units can be made quickly, with little effort, and with relative ease if you follow these steps:

  1. Gather all of the materials together for your modular garage storage unit.
  2. Once you have everything laid out, attach the cam screws that will be with your unit.
  3. Attach panels together using the cam screws.
  4. Continue doing this until you have all of the sides and shelves put together.
  5. Turn the storage unit over and make a spot on the back for holes that will need to be drilled for cleat.
  6. Attach the cleat under the bottom of the unit using screws.
  7. Turn the cabinet back over and attach two steel brackets for support.
  8. Screw the legs into the bottom of the modular garage storage unit.
  9. Attach the unit to the wall with screws that go no less than 1 inch into wall studs.
  10. Put the adjustable shelves in place in the unit.
  11. Attach hinges to doors and then fix doors onto the cabinet.
  12. If you have decided to make a modular garage storage unit that has drawers, you can now put the drawers into place.

These basic steps will help you to create a modular garage storage unit with ease. There are some units that are much more sophisticated or complicated. There are also units that you can purchase. Look into all of the available options to decide which would be best to meet your particular needs.