Build Your Own Sprinkler Manifold

What You'll Need
Manual butterfly valve
3 Slip PVC T- fittings
Slip 90 degree coupler fittings
PVC Primer
Clear PVC cement or glue
Pipe cutters or hack saw
1 foot section of PVC pipe
3 sections of3 inch PVC pipe

If you will be installing your own sprinkler system, one of the most parts of the installation will be the sprinkler manifold valve. The manifold valve is used distribute water from the main water supply to the other various valves in the sprinkler system. It is usually the main connection point from which all sprinkler pipe line originate. It is not difficult to create a manifold valve for your sprinkler system and this simple guide will show you how. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Turn Off Water Supply

If the irrigation system for your lawn will be connected to the main water supply pipe, turn off the main water valve that is located at the water meter. If you have a dedicated isolation about installed for your sprinkler system, shut off the water by closing that valve.

Step 2 - Clean and Prepare Connection Fittings

Take the butterfly valve and use PVC primer to clean the ends of the fitting. Also, clean the end of the pipe where the butterfly valve will be attached. Allow the primer to dry for about 15 to 30 minutes before continuing.

Step 3 - Dig Manifold Hole

Choose a spot two feet away from the outlet pipe that will supply a water to your sprinkler system. Then, dig a hole for the manifold installation. Dig the hole about 12 to 15 inches deep, and make it about 2 feet square.

Step 4 - Dig Hole for Butterfly Valve

Choose a spot that is about halfway between the manifold installation hole in the pipe where you'll be connecting the manifold sitting valve. Dig in other hole about the same size as you did for the manifold installation.

Step 5 - Dig Trench to Connect Holes

Use the shovel to dig a trench that is the same depth as the 2 holes you dug earlier. Make it wide enough so you can insert the 1 foot piece of 3 inch PVC pipe.

Step 6 - Connect Butterfly Valve to Main Water Supply

Use PVC glue to connect the butterfly valve to the main water supply pipe.

Step 7 - Connect Coupling Pipe to Valve

Clean the end of the 1 foot section of coupling pipe and then connect it to the butterfly valve with PVC glue.

Step 8 - Assemble T-Fitting Connections

Use PVC primer on all three of the T-fitting connector and pieces of 3 inch PVC pipe. After the PVC primer dries, attach one of the pieces of pipe to one end of each T-fitting. Secure the connections with PVC glue.

Step 9 - Connect T-Fittings

Place the first T-fitting into the manifold installation hole, and clean the 12 inch PVC coupling pipe and the other end of the T-fitting. Then use PVC glue to attach the first T-fitting to the coupler pipe. When attaching the fitting, make sure that the T-fitting lies flat on the ground and is facing in the direction where you'll run in the new sprinkler pipeline. Connect the other 2 T-fittings to the first one in the same manner.

Step 10 - Attach 90 Degree Elbow Fitting

At the end of the last piece of 3 inch PVC pipe (that is connected to the last T-fitting), attach and glue the 90 degree elbow fitting. Again, this fitting should be flat on the ground and face the direction the sprinkler system pipe will go in.