Build Your Own Truck Bed Organizer

the bed of a white Ford truck
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-200

Build your own truck bed organizer, save money doing it, and have fun in the process. A weather proof truck bed organizer will keep all your equipment where you want it, allowing you to get at it when you need it.

Recommended Materials

Mechanical tape measure

Construction grade plywood (3/4 inch)

Air compressor

Nail gun

Pin nails


Weather-proof silicone sealant

Clamps (36 inches or longer)

Carpenter’s framing square

Brass piano hinge

Locking hasps

Lifting handles

Step 1 - Measure

The first step in building your own truck bed organizer is to take careful measurements so that it will fit in your truck bed. Whether the organizer is built to haul tools, camping or hunting supplies, or groceries; consider how wide, tall and deep it should be. Another important consideration is whether or not it will be mostly stationary or movable. If it is to be movable, it cannot be too heavy, and may even have wheels attached to it for greater mobility.

Step 2


Use the Right Kind of Wood

Once careful measurements are taken, and the overall dimensions of the truck bed organizer are known, it will be time to consider how much wood will be needed. Although construction grade plywood can be used, and is very affordable, AA marine-grade plywood will insure a more enduring, weather resistant and elegant truck bed organizer.

Step 3


Construct the Organizer

Construction of a truck bed organizer is basically building a rectangle geared to fit the measurements of a particular truck bed. Depending on its use, compartmentalize it with smaller internal boxes, hooks or bungee cords to hold cargo. It can also be painted to accent the truck, or left with a natural wood finish.

Step 4 - Epoxy

Using gloves and eye protection carefully mix epoxy materials according to the manufacturer’s instructions.Apply an adequate coating of adhesive on both surfaces of all parts to be joined. Clamp parts securely in place and wipe off any spills or excess epoxy. Using the compressor, nail gun and pin nails, drive nails to secure joints. This is a great way to construct a box and obviates the need for weather resistant screws and additional sealants for screws and screw holes. Be sure to wait until all joints are completely cured before proceeding further.

Step 5 - Fiberglass

To make your truck bed organizer impervious to all weather conditions, consider applying fiberglass cloth and resin to all the outside surfaces, especially the top and bottom. Additionally, apply a thin bead of weather-proof sealant around all inside joints to further protect contents against inclement weather conditions. A thin coat of varnish will suffice for the interior of the box.

Step 6 - Attach the Top

Use a full length piano hinge to secure the top to the back of the box and make sure it fits as tightly as possible. To secure the contents of the truck bed organizer, attach a shackle and lock to the front of the box, securing the lid to the front. If additional security is desired, consider attaching shackles and locks to the sides of the box as well. Attach lift handles to the sides of the box. This will be for lifting the box, but also for securing it to the truck.