Build Your Own Vinyl Privacy Fence

What You'll Need
Post hole digger

A vinyl privacy fence is a great alternative to a wood. A well-made and properly installed vinyl privacy fence can look a great deal like real wood but without many of the problems associated with a wood fence. Vinyl fence panels will not rot, crack or warp as a result of exposure to water and sun. Installing vinyl privacy fencing will take about 2 days.

Step 1: Check with Utilities

Before you begin this project it is imperative that you contact your local utility companies and have them send a surveyor out. This service should be provided free of charge. They will mark any underground utility lines you have in your yard.

Step 2: Make your Measurements

Using a measuring roll measure your yard to determine the amount of area that you want to fence in. You will need to know this to get the appropriate number of panels for your fence.

Step 3: Purchase the Materials

You will need to purchase enough vinyl fencing panels to cover the entire size of the area you will be fencing in. These panels come in lengths of 6 and 8 feet. To determine how many you need divide the total size by 6 or 8. You will also need an equal number of vinyl posts and at least one gate.

Step 4: Dig the Holes

Using a posthole digger you will need to dig post holes spaced evenly apart around the yard. The space you use will be based on the width of the panels. If you are using 6-foot panels, then 6 feet and if you are using 8-foot panels, then 8 feet.

Step 5: Install the Posts

Place the posts in the post holes. You will now need to pour concrete into the post holes to hold the posts there permanently. You will typically need around one bag of concrete for each post hole. Pour the concrete until it creates a bubble with the center being highest. This will prevent water from pooling on the concrete. Allow this to dry for 24 hours before continuing.

Step 6: Attach Brackets

Attach brackets to all of the posts which will have fencing connected to them using the supplied screws and a screwdriver.

Step 7: Mount the Panels

Mount the panels to the posts. Use a level to make sure that each panel is placed level and equal to the panel next to it and then and use screws to hold them in place. You may want to acquire help from a friend for this part.

Step 8: Install the Gate

Attach the gate brackets to the posts you will be using to support the gate. Mount the gate to these posts and mount in place. While your friend holds the gate in place you should open it and close it several times to ensure it is operating properly. Finally put in the screws.