Building a Bean Plant Tower

What You'll Need
(8) 8-foot long poles
50 feet of string
(48) Green bean plant seeds
Permanent marker
Measuring tape

If you've ever tried to grow a bean plant then you know how out of hand they can get. A bean plant tower may be the solution you are looking for. Not only is this an easy project, it's also inexpensive. It also makes for a fun project with the kids.

Step 1 - Preparing the Bean Plant Tower Poles

To make your bean plant tower you first have to prepare the poles.

Lay the poles next to each other on the ground. Make sure they are all the same length and even with each other. Use your measuring tape and measure out twelve inches from one end of a pole, and then make a mark. Continue marking every twelve inches and repeat this for each pole.

Pick a pole and begin drilling holes at the twelve inch mark. Make sure the drill goes all the way through the pole. The holes should be large enough for the string to be easily threaded through.

Step 2 - Lashing the Poles Together

Choose which end of the poles will be the top and thread string through each of the holes. Bundle the group of poles up into a pile. Wrap the string around the top and tie it off tightly. Cut the string at the knot.

Stand the stack of poles up, but be careful. The bundle of poles can be heavy and awkward to move. Once you have them up, begin spreading out the legs. When you are done the bean plant tower will resemble a pyramid or, more appropriately, an American Indian tee pee.

Wrap more string around the intersecting poles in order to make the bean plant tower sturdier.

Beginning at the second row of holes, thread the end of the string in one of the holes and make a knot so it can't be pulled through. Thread the string in all of the holes on that row. Tie the string off and snip it. Repeat threading each layer in this same manner until you reach the bottom of the bean plant tower.

Step 3 - Seating the Tower

You will notice that the tower is still not all that sturdy.

Use your spade to dig out small holes at each leg of the bean plant tower and set the leg in the holes. Cover the legs with the dirt you removed and tamp it down tightly.

Step 4 - Using the Tower

With your tower in place you can now put it to work. Plant five or six bean plant seeds around each leg of the tower.

Water the seeds and wait for the green beans to sprout. As the green bean vines grow taller, start wrapping them around the legs of the tower. They will continue to grow and move their way up the legs.