Building a Deck Storage Bench: 4 Tips

Building a deck storage bench is not an overly complicated task. A deck storage bench is ideal to store away items, and you can build it yourself rather than forging out more money to buy a ready-made one. Here are a few basic tips which you should try to take into account should you wish to give it a try.

Tip 1: Plan in Advance

It is important to check out the items you wish to store in your deck storage bench. Their accumulated size will give you a better idea of the dimensions you should apply when building your deck storage bench.

Tip 2: The Material

If you are going to have your deck storage bench exposed to outdoor conditions for most of the time it is best to use treated wood. Also, it is highly recommended that you coat it with a protective sealer, especially if you do not intend to paint it.

Tip 3: Assembling

While assembling the wood panels to form your storage bench, it is often not enough to attach them by means of wood glue only. It is best to fasten them with wood screws as well, for additional security and robustness. Then, you should reinforce with a series of finishing nails along the edges.

Tip 4: Finishing Up

Any areas where screws or nails were inserted, should be patched up with wood putty. Then, smooth the surface with sandpaper, and paint or stain to finish up.