Building a Garden Fence Gate

A garden fence gate permits easy access to a fenced area. 

For this project you will need lumber for your gate frame, metal angle plates to secure gate frame, a diagonal wood piece to strengthen the gate, screening for the gate, screw or bolt hinges for hanging the gate, a latch to secure the gate and a strip of wood for the stop for the gate. 

Step 1 - Determine Location of Garden Fence Gate and Posts

Your first step is to determine where the gate will go. You will need to use two posts for your gate opening. Make sure the gate opening is square by measuring the posts at the top and the bottom. Equal measurements mean the gate posts are square. If they are not square you will need to readjust your posts to make sure your new gate will hang properly. 

Step 2 - Prepare the Gate Frame

The next step is to construct the frame for your garden fence gate. Determine the width of your gate by measuring the distance between thr 2 posts and subtracting ½ inch, or ¾ inch for a heavier gate. Cut your gate frame wood to desired length. You will need 4 pieces. For butt joints cut 2 pieces of wood the width of the gate. Next, cut 2 more pieces to make your gate the desired height. Remember when cutting your vertical pieces that the top and bottom pieces will add length to your measurement. Align your 4 frame pieces and attach the 4 corners with metal angle plates. Make sure you keep your gate square while assembling. To strengthen your gate you will need to cut a piece of wood to be placed diagonally from the top of the hinge side of the gate to the bottom of the latch side of the gate. Secure with nails.

Step 3 - Add Screening to Gate

Now you are ready to give your garden fence gate decoration. Measure and cut your screening material to cover the frame you have built.  Once your screening material is cut you will want to stain or paint it before attaching it to the frame. When your screening is ready begin attaching it to the frame on the opposite side of where you have attached the metal angle plates.

Step 4 - Hang Garden Fence Gate

You are now ready to hang your gate to the posts. Start by attaching the hinges to your gate frame. Hold the gate up in the opening next to the post where the gate will hang. Attach the hinges to the post. Next, decide where you want the latch for your gate. You can attach it either on the top or on the side of the gate. There are several types of latches available at your local hardware or lumber store. Once you have the hinges and latch installed, close the gate and mark the inside edge on the post adjacent to the latch. Cut a strip of wood the length of the gate and nail it to the post for the gate stop.