Building a Large Birdcage Out of Wood

What You'll Need
Pen and Paper
Untreated Wood
Stainless Steel Mesh
Stainless Steel Nails
Stainless Steel Staples
Circular Saw
Sand Paper
Stainless Steel Wire

As a bird lover, you may need to build a large bird cage if you have a larger bird as a pet or several smaller birds sharing one cage. The beauty of making the cage yourself is that you can create it tailor made for each of your birds, which will all have different personalities and prefer different aspects of a cage more than others. Other advantages are that you can tailor it to the space available in your home and is cheaper than buying a large bird cage in a store.

Step 1 – Measurements

The measurements of this large bird cage are going to be 40-inches square. Yours will vary depending on the size of the bird.

Step 2 – Type of Cage

Before building, decide on the style of large bird cage you want, this article will show you how to build a basic cage.

Step 3 – Preparing the Wood

Cut the wood into meter-long lengths; in total you will need 16 piece so that each side has a square of wood. You will also need to cut two 40-inch square pieces of wood for the base and the roof of the cage. Before building the cage, ensure the wood is sanded down and smooth.

Step 4 – Make the Frame

The wood for your large bird cage will be joined together using stainless steel nails as some other metals will endanger the birds. Firstly, join the wood as though you were making a wooden picture frame. Repeat this step to make four frames. Secondly, join the wooden picture frames together into a cube shape. Thirdly, secure the larger pieces of wood to the bottom and top.

Step 5 – Add the Wire

Using wire will allow the birds to see out of the cage. The wire will be secured to each side of the frame using stainless steel staples. Firstly cut the wire sheets so that they are 40-inches square and you have a total of four sheets. Secondly, staple one sheet of wire to each side.

Step 6 – Creating a Door Frame

The door will have the following measurements: 8 x 6 inches wide. Firstly, create a wooden frame using the same techniques as you did to build the frame. Secondly, cut an 8x6-inch hole out of the mesh on the right hand side of the front of the cage. Thirdly, secure the doorframe in place by nailing it to the cage's wooden frame and stapling the existing mesh to the doorframe of your large bird cage.

Step 7 – The Door

Build another smaller wooden frame that fits inside the door frame. Next, staple the wire that you removed onto the inner frame. Then attach the inner frame to the outer frame using a stainless steel hinge. Finally, make a lock on the other side by tying a piece of stainless steel wire between the cage mesh and the door mesh. You now have a new large bird cage for your feathered friends.