Building A Metal Fence

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Prefabricated fencing panels
Metal fence posts
Bucket for mixing
Ratchet Set
Assorted hardware for attaching panels to posts
Wood and nails for holding the posts while they set

Building a metal fence can be easy or difficult depending on the degree of detail that you want.  Decorative metal fencing is available pre fabricated if you want detail without the excess work of welding it yourself. A metal fence can be used for security as well as just an accent to an already existing block wall. You have the option to choose from chain link, wrought iron and aluminum for your fencing project.

Step 1: Choose The Design

Choose a design that is practical for the area you are using it for.  Use a stronger design for area where security is needed.  Use a more decorative design for an area where you are attempting to add interest to the landscaping.  You can combine them both into one style of fencing as well.  Wrought Iron or aluminum would be an appropriate choice to combine the two.

Step 2: Measure

It is very important to obtain a correct measurement.  If you are using pre fabricated fencing they are sold in different predetermined panel lengths and you most likely will need to cut down one or two of the panels to guarantee a perfect fit for your space.

Step 3: Mark and Dig

Measure the length between posts and mark them on the ground.  Dig a hole that is about two feet deep.  All of the holes will need to be uniform so that the fence posts end up even all the way along the project.

Step 4: Sink The Posts

Mix enough concrete for one post hole at a time.  The consistency should be strong enough to hold the post in place.  You will however need to brace the post to ensure that it does not lean or move during the drying period.  Move to the next post hole and use the first post as a guide.  They will need to be even and plumb.  Make sure to look at the posts from all angles.  Use a leveler to help you.

Step 5: Attach The Panels

Using the hardware provided with the panels start attaching the panel to one post.  Attach just the top bolt then move to the other post and attach the top of the panel there.  Then go back and attach the middle and bottom bolts.  Do this along every section until you complete the fence.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Attach all top caps to the posts and ensure that if any gate panels were added that they are working correctly.

Building a metal fence is not difficult but it can be time consuming.  Parts of it will benefit to have a person helping you.  Measurements are very important and should be double checked.  If you are in doubt use the panel as a guide placed between the two posts as they are being set.  Some fences will come with manufacturers directions and those should be followed.  In the end you will have a fence that beautifies and protects your yard.