Building a Pantry Rack Step-by-Step

A pantry rack hanging on a door, or housed on the inside wall can add a tremendous amount of storage to your pantry. Storing items like small cans, small boxes, and other smaller items is made much easier when you have a set place for them. A custom built pantry rack is the perfect solution for organizing, cleaning up, and giving each item a place of its own.

Looking over Pantry

Before you can begin assembling your pantry rack you must first think about how you want to build the rack and where you want it to go. You have several options available to you. You can hang the rack on the door, or you can build a stand alone rack that sits on a shelf. You can also build one that hangs on the back wall of a pantry without shelves. Look over your pantry to find out which option you want to build for yourself.

Gather Materials

  • 1x4 inch Pine Boards
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Peg Board
  • Table Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Square

Cut Wood for Frame

A basic pantry rack is a rectangular frame that is built using 1x4 pine boards. This might have to altered depending on the width of the space you have. For instance, if there is only 3 inches of space between the door and the shelves, then you will have to either cut a notch in the shelves, or cut the boards to 2 3/4 inch width.

Measure out two 1x4's to a length of 4 ft. Cut on the table saw, or a circular saw if that is your only option. These are going to be the sides of your rack.

Next, cut two more pieces to a length of 2 ft. Make your cut on the table saw, or the circular saw.

Assemble Frame

Put the frame together by laying out the boards on a flat service. Stand them on end with the two 4 ft. on the sides and one 2 ft. board on the top and one on the bottom. Put the top and bottom board on the inside edge of the side boards and keep them flush with the bottom. Using wood glue and screws, attach the side boards to the top and bottom of the frame.

Attach Backing

Take your peg board and measure it out to fit the dimension of the frame. Cut it to size with either the table saw or the circular saw. Attach to the back of the frame with a bead of wood glue and wood screws.

Cut Shelves

Depending on how many shelves you want, cut them down to a length of 4ft. each. Using small strips of wood on either side, attach with smaller wood screws as support for each shelf. Attach shelves with wood screw.

Cut Small Lip

Cut out a small lip that is 4 ft. long and 4 inches tall to go on the bottom of the shelf to keep boxes, cans, and other items contained on the shelves. Attach with wood glue and small wood screws.

Finish or Paint

Now you have the option of either finishing with a stain or paint. Once you it has dried hang on the pantry door, or on the inside wall.