Building a Patio Roof

A patio roof effectively protects your porch from elements, such as snow and rain. It can also provide shade for you from the sun and allow you to enjoy your patio. Building a patio roof requires some knowledge of roofing systems and some assistance in order to properly construct and set the roof into place.

An easy roof to build that does not require much extensive work is a pergola. This structure can be covered to provide protection from the rain and opened up to allow sun light to pass through.

Before you begin this project, secure a building permit from your local government office. You will be required to submit to an inspection upon completion of the project. Your local library should provide you with information on local building codes. Become familiar with the codes to avoid any unnecessary delays or fines in the project.

Tools and Materials Needed:

•4-inch X 4-inch Header Board

•4-inch X 4-inch Posts

•2-inch X 6-inch Crossbeams and Header

•Ladder or Scaffold

•Quickset Concrete

•Post Digger



•Staples and Staple Gun



•Vinyl Runner or Shade


•Building Permit

Step 1-Building the Post

Use the post digger to dig holes on both of the front sides of the patio. The hole should be deep enough to set the 4’ X 4’ posts into the ground. Once the holes have been dug, place the posts in and use the level to determine if it's plumb with the ground. When the level has been reached, pour in the quick-set concrete and water mixture (per the packaging instructions) and allow the post to set. You will need to work quickly since the concrete will harden several moments after the mixture is poured.

Step 2-Attach Header Board

Remove a portion of the siding on the back wall parallel to the posts, exposing the center beam. Take the 4’ X 4’ header and position against the wall until flush with the beam. Mark the holes and drill into the header board and cross beam. Use a self-locking bolt to secure the header board to the crossbeam. Replace the siding to the exposed portion of the back wall.

Step 3-Attach 2’ X 6’ Header and Beams

When the posts have set, attach a 2’ X 6’ header beam between the two 4’ X 4’ posts. Secure using heavy-duty bolts. Run the patio cross beams 6 inches to a foot apart between the two header beams. Drill holes through the cross beams into the header beams. Attach using bolts and the ratchet to secure the pergola.

Step 4: Attach Vinyl Cover
Take a clear vinyl cover or tarp and staple to the top of the cross beams. This will provide a protective cover for the pergola and protect against rain. Use a durable outdoor material that is designed to withstand the elements.

Once you have passed the final inspection for the pergola style patio roof structure, you are ready to enjoy the outdoors. You may choose to grow vines, such as wisteria or ivy on the pergola for a Mediterranean feel or paint it white and distress the wood to give it a more rustic, sea faring look.