Building a Pond with a Bridge

What You'll Need
Pond liner
Pond filter
Pond weed
Pond life

Building a pond with a bridge is not a very easy task, and you may find that it will take you several days to complete. Nevertheless, creating a small pond with a bridge can be a very rewarding project,  and one which you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. In order to create your pond with bridge, you should begin by building a pond, and then adding the bridge to it, as you will need to know the dimensions of the pond before you start the bridge.

Step 1 - Excavate the Pond

Begin by planning the shape and size of your pond. Using a shovel, dig around the edge of your pond, and then remove all the soil from the middle. This is usually quite hard work, so if you have friends who are willing to give you a hand, make use of them during this period. Make sure that the sides are suitably sloping in order to give some support to the pond liner, and remove any sharp stones or roots which are visible. You will need to create some footings for your bridge during this period, so make two or three square platforms on which your bridge will rest. Leave these to dry

Step 2 - Lining the Pond

Now you can add the liner. Pull it out as tightly as possible, but make sure that there is enough flexibility to take the weight of the water on your pond. Hold the liner down with stones, and use your shovel to place some of the earth from the excavation over the edge of these stones. This will hold the liner in place. You should then cover the earth boundary with another layer of stones, as these will add an attractive layer to your pond.

Step 3 - Creating the Bridge

You can either purchase a pond bridge kit from a stone, making sure that you pick a suitable size, or you can build one from scratch. Take two suitably long pieces of wood, and place several flat boards across the wood. Nail them into position tightly. You should then build steps along each side until your bridge is suitably high in the water. Place a little piece of liner underlay, and put it over the platforms you created, so that you have your platform, a layer of pond liner, and then the underlay. Place a wooden beam upright on the underlay, and place enough bricks around it to hold it in place. Repeat until you have a beam for each platform under the pond liner.

Step 4 - Mounting the Bridge

Take your bridge, and place it over the wooden beams. Secure the bridge using nails, and then ensure that the steps are properly secured on each bank. Leave all of these parts to dry overnight, and then return and fill the pond with water. Add the pond filter, and plug it into the water supply. Add your pond life and pond weed to the water.