Building a Pottery Bird Bath for an Antique Look

A pottery bird bath in your garden will help to attract wildlife of all kinds while simultaneously enhancing the visual appeal of your home and yard. You can purchase a ceramic bird bath or stone bath at home improvement and outdoor centers, but you may rather build your own pottery bird bath using extra materials you have around the home. Using materials that you have or that you can locate easily at outdoor centers, you can build a unique bird bath with an antique appearance for your home or garden.

Before you begin building your bird bath, consider the materials that you have access to and the overall garden aesthetic that you are matching your bath to. In order to build your bird bath, you will need a shallow bowl that is no more than 4 inches deep as well as a pedestal section and base. Look around your home for used ceramic flower pots or bowls, or scour antique or home and garden stores for appropriate pieces for your bird bath.

Once you have gathered the necessary pieces, follow these steps to create a beautiful and antique-looking bird bath.

Step 1 – Clean and Treat the Pieces

Treating the ceramic pieces is important for preserving your bird bath over the course of many years of use. You may also use this time to treat your ceramics to give them an aged or antique appearance. Begin by thoroughly cleaning each ceramic piece that you will use for the bird bath and allowing them to dry.

To give your materials a blue-green tint, paint the outside surface of each piece with copper sulphate solution, available at outdoor stores. You may also wish to give the appearance of rust on your pots. In this case, paint each piece with a paint containing metal shavings. After the paint dries, scrub the piece with vinegar. Repeat the process daily for one week and allow the piece to rust.

For a natural appearance, consider growing moss on your ceramic pieces. Chop up pieces of moss and blend them with yogurt or buttermilk. Paint or pour the moss solution on your ceramics and place the pieces in a cool and shady area to allow the moss to grow. Mist the ceramic pieces daily over the course of a few weeks. In a short time your pots will be covered with a fine layer of moss.


Step 2 - Glue Your Birdbath Pieces

Using superglue or ceramic glue, attach the pedestal and the base of your bird bath, if they are two separate pieces. Attach the bowl of the bath to the pedestal and allow all parts to dry. Double check that the pieces have set completely before attempting to move your bird bath or fill it with water.

Once your bird bath is dry and set up in the proper location in your yard, fill it with water and encourage birds to come to your yard with bird feeders or houses. Ensure that any cats or other pets cannot access the bird bath, as this will discourage birds from entering your yard. Once full of water, you will have a beautiful and antique-looking bird bath to complement your yard.