Building A Safe Kitty Condo For Your Cats

What You'll Need
Lumber (you can use inexpensive plywood)
Carpet scraps
Nails, screws, angle brackets

Building a kitty condo as a safe habitat and play zone for your cats is relatively easy and can be done at a considerably savings over pet store prices.

      A simple design for your cat condo is a center pole with side platforms. Purchase a center pole at least 4 x 4. The rule of thumb is the taller the pole the wider the base so that it does not tip over. If your center pole is 5 or 6 feet tall, your base will need to be at least 4 square feet. 

      STEP 1: Carpet the wood, covering it completely. Use regular carpet tacks for this. You can cut out the areas where the platforms will connect with the center pole.

      STEP 2: Using a long bolt, attach the center pole to the base. Use the angle brackets on all 4 sides for extra stability.

      STEP 3: Attach the platforms in a staggered pattern around the center pole, cutting a notch in the side of the wood and using 3 angle brackets to attach it to the pole. Keep at least a foot of space between each platform. You can create a stairway effect by placing the platforms first in the “north”, then the “east”, then the “south” sides of the pole. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for your cats to climb their kitty condo. Create a throne for your feline by making the top of the condo a place for them to perch, such as a kitty-cup or crow’s nest.

      STEP 4: Once the previous steps have been completed, wrap a good thick rope around the center pole. The rope should be at least half an inch thick, thinner rope will not resist the wear and tear caused by cat claws. Start wrapping the rope around the pole at the base. Secure the rope at intervals with the use of nails. Do not use tacks as they will be easily pulled out by your pet. The best item to use is carpenter’s nails. The heads on carpenter’s nails help secure the rope.  

      STEP 5: If you have enough wood, turn one of the staggered platforms into a cat cubbyhole. You can make it a box with a hole to enter and exit from or an opening on both ends. You must make sure that the hiding-hole is big enough for your cat to fit in comfortably but you do not need to make it especially spacious.  

        Now that you have created this wonderful plaything for your pet, rub some catnip on the rope and into the carpeted platforms and watch your cat enjoy.