Building a Screened-In Porch: Mistakes to Avoid

Building a screened-in porch offers a haven from summer’s biting insects, and it can also add to the value of your home. It is best to sit down and think first about what you want to do so you won't make mistakes. First make a floor plan and draw side and front elevations, which you can use to get cost estimates for materials. Go to your local government office and find out before you start what needs to be done to get a building permit. Many localities require plans to be signed by an architect or engineer.

Make a Plan

Make sure the area you plan is large enough for your outdoor furniture. Think about whether you are going to need electric for a ceiling fan or if you will need any outlets. If you are putting a screened-in porch on a deck it will have to be floored or bugs will come up through the cracks. If you are putting the porch on a concrete patio, check to see that it slopes away from the house for drainage.

Roof Design

The porch will look better if it has the same type of roof as the house. When planning the pitch of the roof, take into account any second floor windows that could be in the way.