Building a Small Vanity Stool for Your Daughter's Room

What You'll Need
20- by 24-inch wood plank
Screwdriver or screw gun
Paint and paintbrush
Wood glue
24-inch table legs
Cushion and cushion cover
Staple gun

If your daughter is slowly becoming a lady and she wants to make herself up all the time in front of her mirror, do her a little favor and make her a small vanity stool that she can use when she puts on her makeup. This stool will make it easier for your daughter when looking into the mirror.

Step 1 -- Choosing Your Wood

Before you start building your vanity stool, you have to pick out the type of wood you will use. If you want to use stain on it, you can get wood such as walnut or maple. If you plan to paint it, regular MDF or plywood will do. Next, you need to select the table legs. They should go with the type of wood you chose and remember that they will be cut down to 17 to 24 inches, depending on how high you want your vanity stool to be. These can be bought at your local hardware or furniture store with various designs and styles.

Step 2 -- Cutting the Seat

Cut out the seat portion of the vanity stool from the wood that you have. Cut a 17-by-21-inch piece. It will be best if you cut out the whole thing from the wood that you have. However, you may not have enough of one piece of wood to meet these dimensions. In that case, you might have to glue the wood together to achieve the dimensions. When gluing the wood, make sure that the sides are flat. Apply glue on both sides and use a clamp to hold them together until they are dry.

Step 3 -- Rounding the Edges

Use the router to round the edges of the seat. Use the clamp to hold the board down and line it up against the router. Make sure that you make even strokes in order to have uniformly rounded edges.

Step 4 -- Attaching the Legs

Cut the legs down to the desired length for the vanity stool if needed. Make sure that you cut from the top portion. Sand the top portions and test them at the four corners of the seat. Use the screw gun to drive in the screws from the seat all the way through to the legs. Measure the distance between the legs and cut 1-by-1 support beams to go between them. Fasten them to the legs using the screw gun. Your vanity stool is almost complete.

Step 5 -- Finishing

Get some stain, paint or varnish and use a paintbrush to coat the entire stool. Let it dry for a couple of hours. Get your cushion, cut it appropriately to size and set it on top of the seat. Cover it with the cushion cover and pull the cover all the way underneath and use the staple gun to secure it. Your vanity stool is now ready for use.