Building a Small Wind Turbine: Building the Tower

What You'll Need
Tubular steel pipe sections
Tilt up tower kit
Guy wires
Electric wire
Ground clamp and rod
Pipe insulation
Wire connectors
Wind turbine
Electric tape

Harnessing the power of the wind through a small wind turbine may be just what you need to cope with the rising cost of energy. You only need to place your wind turbine in a location in your property where it can catch the most wind, and you will be able to have an energy source that is both free and natural. However, the wind generator needs to be placed high up to be exposed to a greater wind velocity. Hence, before you can install a turbine, you need to build yourself a tower. The structure is usually the most expensive part of a wind generator system, so it will be possible to save on cost if you can build one yourself.

Step 1- Choosing Your Location

Choose a tower location that has plenty of room around. You need to have an open and level space that is large enough for the tower and the guy wires that will support it. The radius needed is 35 to 60 percent of the height of the tower.

Step 2-Taking Measurements

Calculate the strength and height that is needed for your wind turbine tower. The appropriate height should have the lowest tip of the blade at least 9 meters above any of the obstacles that are within 150 meters of the tower. Your tower should also be strong enough to stand a storm.

Step 3-Purchasing a Tower Kit

Purchase your tower kit only from an energy dealer that is reputable. Most of the kits that you can find in the market will include wire sets, tower base, nuts, clamps and bolts. There is also an assembly instruction that will come with the kit. There are items that you can purchase at a local outlet to save on the cost of shipping such as tower and gin pole tubing, wires and anchors.

Step 4-Making the Layout

Lay out the base, anchors and tower on the ground and assemble it. Secure the turbine on the tower and install electric wires down the entire tower length.

Step 5-Installing the Anchors

Install the guy wire anchors next. Make use of the type that will anchor well with the kind of soil in your location. For sand or loose gravel, you will have to make use of buried concrete. If you have rocky or clay soil, you should use a duckbill while loamy soil will need an auger. If you have to anchor on rocks, use an expansion bolt. Attach the guy wires to your anchors.

Step 6-Assembling  the Tower

Install the gin pole on the base of the tower, connect the cables, and snap the links to the pole before raising it to a vertical position. Once you have done so, attach your tower to its base.

Step 7-Raising the Tower

You can raise the wind turbine tower by using ropes that are tied to the gin pole. Raise it towards the gin pole side anchor. Observe if the tower has remained straight. If there are bends in it, correct it by adjusting the guy wires. When the tower is nearing a vertical position, pull your gin pole towards the ground and pull the cable through the anchor for the guy wire. Make sure that all guy wires are taut and the clamps tight.