Building a Trap Door into a Tree House Deck

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
1/6-inch bits
1-by-2 pressure-treated wood boards
Door hinges

Creating a trap door in a tree house deck is a good way to build a safe entrance point into that lovely tree house of yours. Here is an easy guide to building a trapdoor into the deck of a tree house. You may install it in two days with little fatigue and also save on costs to a large extent.

Step 1: Choose the Position for the Door

While the dimensions can vary, the process of building remains the same. We are specifying a standard 14-by-14-inch square size. Note the measurement of the nearest framing members and cut two pieces of the pressure-treated wood you purchased from the hardware store. Similarly, cut out two more pieces that are 12 ½ inches long.

Step 2: Drilling

Now mark the place on the deck of the tree house using a carpenter square. At the four corners of this space, leave an inch-wide gap from the edges and then drill holes. The holes must be 1/6 inch deep. Adjust the square to ensure that the sides are aligned parallel to the framing members nearest to them.

Step 3: Marking Square

On the reverse or underside of the deck, mark out lines between the drilled holes to draw a 14-inch square design. Around this, draw another square that is ½-inch larger on all sides. Place the 1-by-2-inch boards between the spaces of the framing members on both sides of the trap door. Make sure that the outer edges of the blocks placed are linear to the square you drew. Make sure that their centers are below the trapdoor square.

Step 4: Securing

Insert screws in the holes made on the outer portions of the framing members until they reach the ½-inch structures. Take the 12 ½-inch parts cut out previously and place them on the two remaining edges of the square you had drawn. This must be at a right-angled position to the ½-inch pieces you set up before. Screw them in places where the holes around the square are drilled.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Use the saw to cut on one side of the door square on the top of the tree house deck. Install two 2-inch long trapdoor hinges with ½-inch metal screws that are meant for pan head planks or sheets. The hinges must have proper gaps between them for free swinging or opening of the door. Similarly, cut the remaining square sides. Mark a portion that is 2 inches away from the sides in the opposite direction of the hinges. At this point, drill in a ½-inch hole. Make sure that the distance between this hole and the trapdoor side is at least 6 inches so that you can be sure that the trapdoor is placed at the center. This hole is to be used to open up the door. Finally, apply wood stain on the door and allow it to dry. You have successfully built a trapdoor for your tree house deck.