Building a Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

What You'll Need
2 wood planks, 4 by 4 by 32 inches
8 wood planks, 0.5 by 4 by 31 inches
Orbital sander
Measuring tape
Drill with bits
8- and 2-inch wood screws

Building a wall mounted shoe rack can help save space and prevent a cluttered house. Your shoes will be neatly stacked on the wall, preventing people from tripping over them. A shoe rack also keeps your home more organized and gives it an orderly and clean look when visitors come over. These shoe racks can come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your needs. If you have a lot of shoes, you may need racks with more levels in order to accommodate the number of shoes that you own.

Step 1 — Sand All Wooden Boards

Sand all of the wooden boards with the orbital sander. Start by running it over the surface of your wooden boards until they are smoothed out. Next, sand the edges. This is important so that there are no rough edges that could scratch or otherwise damage your shoes.

Step 2 — Drill Holes into the Wood

Next, drill holes into the 4-by-4-inch wooden boards. Use the tape measure to measure 2 inches from the end. Mark the spot right in the middle and drill a 3/8-inch hole that is 2 inches deep. Do the same on the other end of the wood. Then repeat this process on the other 4-by-4.

Step 3 — Mount the 4-by-4 Planks

Mount the two 4-by-4 planks onto the wall vertically and 24 inches apart. Do this by first drilling holes into one of the predrilled holes and through the wall. Then use an 8-inch wood screw to secure the wood partially. Do the same with the other hole at the bottom and use a screw to fasten the wood to the wall. Do the same to the other 4-by-4 on the other side, 2 feet away.

Step 4 — Mount the 0.5-by-4-Inch Planks

The wall mounted shoe rack is almost done. You need just to mount the vertical wood planks. Start from the top. Screw one of the 31-inch planks perpendicularly on the top portion of the two vertical planks now securely fastened to the wall. Fasten them together by driving in screws from the sides of the vertical plank, going through the horizontal plank. The 0.5-inch side should be the one flush against the wall. Next, screw the other seven 31-inch planks so that they are horizontal and perpendicular to the vertical planks. Fasten them the same way you fastened the topmost plank. Space them about 2 inches apart. When finished, your wall mounted shoe rack should have two vertical boards with eight horizontal boards in between them spaced 2-inches from each other.

Step 5 — Testing

Fit some pairs of shoes into the 2-inch space in between the planks. The toes of the shoes should go into the space; the heels will not fit. Fill your newly made wall mounted shoe rack with shoes to test if it will hold all of your shoes.