Building a Wall Mounted Wine Rack

What You'll Need
Old Cabinet
1 x 6 Board
Wood Glue

Wall mounted wine racks are an attractive way to store and display your wine. Wall mounted wine racks create a visually appealing wall piece that add sophistication and decoration to your living area or kitchen. This is an easy project guide to building a wall mounted wine rack inside an old cabinet. 

Step 1 – Get the Cabinet 

The first step is to find an old cabinet with the aesthetics you desire that will match your décor. If you do not already have an old cabinet for this project, then try looking at garage sales, trades days and swap meets to find one. 

Step 2 – Strip the Cabinet 

Once you have your cabinet, you need to strip it of the parts not required for this project. Take off the cabinet door by removing the door hinges and brackets and then remove any shelves from inside the cabinet. 

Step 3 – Measure for Shelves 

Measure the inside of the cabinet to determine how many shelves to install. The average wine bottle is 12 inches tall, so your shelves should be 14 inches apart. Take a measurement and make a small mark on the inside of the cabinet indicating the shelf location(s). Now, measure the width and depth of the cabinet to determine how wide and long to cut your shelves. 

Step 4 – Cut the Shelves 

Next, cut the correct number of shelves to fit inside your cabinet. Measure and mark your 1 x 6 board to the correct width and length to fit inside the cabinet. Use your saw, be it a handsaw, hacksaw or table saw, to cut the correct sized pieces from the board to use as your shelves. 

Step 4 – Create The Holes 

Once you have cut your shelves to size, drill the holes to hold the wine bottles. You first need to determine how many holes to drill. The average wine bottle is 5 inches in width, so the holes you drill need to have at least 7 inches of space on all sides. Begin by taking the depth measurement to determine if you have enough room for one row of bottles or more than one row of bottles. As you measure, make a mark in the location to indicate where to drill. With your drill, make a 1.5 inch hole in each of the locations you have marked, as these holes will hold the neck of your wine bottles. 

Step 5 – Install the Shelves 

The next step is to install shelves into the cabinet to hold your wine bottles. First, apply a thin layer of wood glue to the 3 sides of the shelf that touch the cabinet. Next, secure the shelves to the cabinet with nails. Allow the wood glue ample time to dry before proceeding. 

Step 6 – Paint and Hang 

The final steps for completing your wall mounted wine rack are to paint the cabinet in whatever color or style you choose. After the paint has dried, your cabinet is complete and ready to hang and display your favorite wine bottles.