Building a Wood Bunk Bed

What You'll Need
Four 4x4-inch posts, 6 feet in length
Two 2x6 boards, approximately 7.25 feet in length
Two 2x6 boards, approximately 4 feet in length
Two 1/2 -inch plywood pieces, approximately 39x75 inches
Lag bolts, washers, nuts
Wood screws
Adjustable wrench
3/8-inch drill bit
Crosscut handsaw, or circular saw

A wood bunk bed is a familiar sight in many homes with families. Children seem to enjoy having their own space, even if it is no more than 20 square feet. In these spaces you will often find more than just a pillow, mattress, and quilts. It is not uncommon to also find toys, books, and even pets. If you would like to add one of these bunk beds in one of your children's rooms, without having to pay retail prices, you can easily build your own. Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Cut or Choose your Lumber Size

Purchase lumber from a lumber yard or home improvement store that will cut your lumber to the size you need. Or, cut your own boards to size. Using a carpenter’s square, make a cut mark on each lumber piece. Then cut each piece to the required size. Be sure to cut outside the line you marked so that each piece is cut to the precise size.

Step 2: Mark the Placement of your Individual Wood Pieces

Mark your 4x4 posts on the inside surface where your headboards and foot boards will be attached. The bottom edges of these boards should be about 12 inches above the floor and will rest on the sideboards. Each of the 2x6 boards will be attached to the posts on their inside surfaces.

Step 3: Drill Bolt Holes in Your Posts

To create bolt holes for you lag bolts, that will attach the side boards to the posts, drill holes for lag bolts at the marks you made on the posts on the outside of the posts. On the outside edge of your posts, where you will attach your headboards and foot boards, drill holes for the lag bolts you'll use to attach the boards.

Step 4: Attach Headboards and Foot Boards

Position all your bunk bed boards on the floor where you'll have room to lay them out. Check the holes in the posts with the headboards, foot boards, and sideboards to be sure they line up properly. Mark the sideboards where you will drill your holes, then drill the holes. Finally, using lag bolts, washers and nuts, attach the headboards and foot boards to the posts.

Step 5: Attach Plywood to the Sideboards

Lay out your plywood and sideboards in the position they will be when attached together. Mark the plywood where you'll need to cut it to fit on top of the sideboards. Draw a line representing the position where you'll drive screws through the plywood and into the edges of the sideboards. Finally, attach the plywood by driving wood screws through it and into the sideboard edges. Then attach the side boards to the posts, using lag bolts.