Building a Wooden Dish Drying Rack for the Kitchen

A wooden dish drying rack can add character and accentuate the area where it is located. Its design can also stand out on its own, focusing your attention on its classic feel. It is best paired with a nature theme with hints of country and rustic decor. Aside from its looks, a wooden dish rack is also quite sturdy, especially if high quality wood is used.

Tools and Materials

  • 18 Wood Dowels (1/8-inch diameter, 4 inches length)
  • 2 Strips of Wood (12-by-1-by-1 inch)
  • Drill with 1/8-inch drill bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Tape Measure or Ruler

Step 1: Preparation

Gather all the pieces of wood together for your dish drying rack. Sand each one thoroughly and make sure that all pieces are smooth and free of any burrs.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

Start by measuring where you will be drilling the holes on the two strips of wood. Measure 1 inch from the ends of the 2 strips of wood. Mark these points at the exact centers of the height of the strips of wood. Make sure that your measurements are precise and that these marks are exactly aligned with each other. Now draw hole-marks at the top portion of the wooden strips and measure them 1-inch apart. Again, make sure that the marks are aligned precisely for the dish drying rack.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

Start drilling holes into the marks that you made with your measurements earlier. Drill slowly at first, until the drill is able to penetrate the wood. Increase the speed of the drill gradually until you make a hole. Nonetheless, be sure not to drill all the way through the wood; about half an inch of depth for all holes will be more than enough.

Step 4: Connect the Two Strips

After you have drilled all the holes in the two strips of wood, line them up together with the four holes you made on the width portion. Make sure that the holes at the top portion of the wood are facing up. Get two wood dowels and insert them into the holes on one piece of the wood strip. Connect the other strip of wood to the wood dowels that are already attached to the other strip of wood. The two strips of wood should now be connected together. Press on the points of connection, gently, but firmly enough to ensure proper connection.

Step 5: Inserting the Dowels

With the two strips of wood connected together, insert the wood dowels on the top portion of the wooden strips. It might be a little tight, so take care when inserting the wood. Press firmly until the dowels go all the way in. You’ve just made yourself a homemade dish drying rack.