Building a Wooden Gate: Planning and Execution, Part 1

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Building a wooden gate can be a fun and learning experience for everyone involved, not to mention a great way of saving money. A gate acts as an entry point to any household as long as there is a fence and helps you monitor the amount of access you want to give to outsiders. A wooden gate can also be used to add beauty to your household by giving it that neat, appealing look while offering you the privacy you need from neighbours.

You can either build your gate in a position that is upright or choose a position that is most comfortable for you. It is wise to use excellent hinges which have ½ lags and cedar boards that are dry. You can purchase these from any store that stocks home makeover hardware. Make sure your gate is light enough so there are no chances of it toppling over due to excessive weight.

Instead of using air tools, you could use nails that are hand driven. Nail guns make your work easier, but although they are difficult to drive, ring shank nails do a better job. For a neat and tight fix to your gate, use galvanized nails and outdoor screws, these pieces of material will stand any type of weather.

There are several steps you need to take before deciding on the location to place a wooden gate, the material to use and the design to use. 

Step 1: Research

Before starting any work, carry out extensive research and find out a few things, like the building codes in your area. You need to know if there are any restrictions as to the kind of design to use or structure to put up. Find out if you have to get a permit for you to carry out any form of construction. In some rare cases, you might need your neighbors' consent to attach the gate to part of his/her fencing.

Step 2: Check the Availability of Space

It is extremely important to check the availability of space. You do not to start a project wherein you get to know that there is not enough space to fix the door.

Step 3: Deciding on Location

Evaluate all the relevant and appropriate areas for you to erect a gate. Make a decision on whether you want a gate giving access to the front yard or the back yard. 

Step 4: Collect All Tools

Before you actually start to build the door, ensure that you have all the necessary tools available with you. To make the things easier, make a list of the tools you have in your home and ones you need to buy.

Step 5: Clean the place

Clean the place of any dust, stone, or any extra material lying around. If you work in a clean place, it will ensure that the project works smoothly, and with that done, you will be ready to start building the wooden door.


  • Wear protective clothing while handling tools and materials to avoid injuries. 
  • Take extra caution when using any cutting equipment, hammer, or the drill.