Building a Wooden Gate: Planning and Execution, Part 2

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Circular saw
String line
3 inches and 2 inches nails
Drill bits

Designing a wooden gate may sound like such a technical concept for specially trained individuals; however, this is something you can do on your own with patience, creativity, and a few basics on how to build gates. Whether you are making a driveway gate, a custom gate, a lattice, or even a hidden gate, the hardware you choose to use and the design you make will determine the lifetime value of the gate. 

Step 1 – Taking Measurements

Before taking measurements, it is essential to decide on the height and width of the gate. Using your pencil and paper, note all measurements. Take your tape measure and accurately measure the width between the gate support posts an inch wider than your original plan of the gate. The height of the gate measured from ground level should measure 2 inches taller than the plan. After recording the measurements, make any necessary adjustments. These adjustments will come in handy when cutting and measuring the lumber. 

Step 2 – Cutting

Using your saw, cut six boards of relative width and height using the measurements you settled on. Take the nails and join the six planks together. To ensure that the gate is accurate, use your square to check the angles. 

It is important for the fence boards to fit perfectly, so ensure the spacing is an even number to allow extension of gaps, and make sure you add a 1/4 inch to the fence board width. To establish how many fence boards you will require, divide this measurement and ensure that it’s a whole number, if not, some layout readjusting is necessary.

Step 3 – Position the Posts

Before you move to the actual door, work on your posts. Place the posts, 1 inch apart, and then mark the areas to attach the gate using paint. Make 12 inch deep holes for both the posts, keeping in mind local building codes.

Step 4 – Pour Gravel 

Pour some gravel into the holes and then place the posts into the holes. Place some small wood pieces to secure the posts

Step 5 – Pour Concrete into the Holes

Using instructions on the cement packaging, prepare the concrete mixture and pour some amount into the holes while ensuring the posts are upright. Leave the concrete to settle and dry up.

Step 6 – Join the Boards

Now, as you have your posts ready, work on attaching the boards. Take the nails and join the six planks together. To ensure that the gate is accurate, use your square to check the angles.

Step 7 – Mount the Gate 

Align the gate planks and screw them onto the two posts to support them. Using a square, ensure that the gate is perpendicularly aligned with to the posts and that they are accurate. The distance from the ground depends on your choice and the local building codes.

Step 8 – Finishing Up

After mounting the gate, ensure that there are no rough edges. If there are, smooth the rough edges out. Using a color of choice, paint your gate.