Building a Wrought Iron Garden Patio Set

What You'll Need
Decorative ready-made legs (for table and chairs)
1 or 2 decorative profiles (for the chair)
Angle iron
Flat bar
Welding set and rods
Redwood or marine plywood

A garden patio set makes the outdoor space look marvelous. Garden furniture consists mainly of a table and chairs. Prices for this type of furniture are exhaustive and might discourage you from including this furniture in your garden. You might therefore be tempted to go for plastic furniture. However, plastic furniture is short-lived and unreliable. On the other hand, wrought iron furniture is everlasting. Therefore, have you ever thought of building your own set with minimal expenses and with the satisfaction of a DIY job? The following easy steps below will help you build your own set with minimal costs.

If this is your first project, keep the design as simple as possible.

Step 1 - Create Your Design

The success to your project is to design and adapt the furniture for your garden. Browse the Internet for pictures and visit shops selling wrought iron furniture to obtain ideas. Once you have a vivid idea of what you want, put your ideas on paper.

Step 2 - Cutting Iron for the Table

Cut two lengths of angle iron for the tabletop surface of the same size with a power miter saw. Add extra 2 inches to both sides to enable you to cut a 45-degree angle later. Cut a further two lengths of angle iron to serve for the width of the table, once more providing an allowance of 2 inches to both sides.

Position the angle iron on a flat surface, forming a rectangle and cur 4 or 5 pieces of flat bar to serve as support for the tabletop. Spot-weld the corners of the frame and the parts of flat bar accordingly. Once done, thoroughly weld all the pieces appropriately.

Step 3 - Assembling the Legs

To weld the decorative legs, use a gripper and temporarily attach to one corner of the tabletop. Align at 90 degrees and spot weld. Repeat the process for the other 3 legs. Check the table on a flat surface to ensure that all legs are touching the ground. Weld all legs neatly.

Step 4 - Inserting the Table Top

Once the frame of the table is ready, cut redwood to the size of the top and insert in the angle iron. Alternatively, cover the top with marine plywood and cover with tiles. Both types of wood are highly resistant to weather conditions and last a lifetime.

Step 5 - Chairs

You can apply the same procedure to construct the chairs. The only difference here is that the seat is a square and not a rectangle. Thus, the length and width need to be of the same size. Using the same method as described in steps 2 and 3, cut the angle iron for the base, weld and affix the legs. You will also need to add a square with angle iron to serve as the back of the seat. Insert decorative profiles to add elegance. Cut marine plywood to serve as seating base and cover with fabric or apply a color of your choice.

Step 6 - Protecting the Wrought Iron

Apply a rust inhibiting paint to the iron to protect the metal from rusting. Take into consideration that your furniture will be subject to all weather conditions, thus protection is imperative. Allow the primer to dry for a day. Spray paint a further coat of glossy enamel paint on the following day. Once the first coat has dried, reapply one or two coats for additional protection.