Building A Wrought Iron Gazebo

What You'll Need
A tarp to lay all your pieces on
Helpers to lift the gazebo into place, once finished
Vining plants (optional)
The rest of your supplies will be included in your kit unless the kit specifies otherwise.

A wrought iron gazebo is a great addition to any yard. The easiest way to build one is to buy a kit, as the average person doesn’t have the required tools to cut wrought iron. Kits come in many styles, sizes and shapes but the basic assembly is universal. This guide is designed to help you turn your wrought iron gazebo kit into a constructed gazebo.

Step 1- Building the dome

Domes usually come in four quarter pieces. Arrange these pieces in the order they’ll be in when the gazebo is completed before using the nuts and bolts included in your kit to connect two of the four dome pieces together. Repeat the process for the other two pieces before bolting the two halves together.

Step 2- Attaching the posts

Turn the dome up on end so that one of the pole connectors is on the ground. Using the included nuts and bolts connect the first pole to the dome using the pole connector currently resting on the ground. Attach the foot to the bottom of the pole before turning the gazebo enough to repeat the process for the next pole and foot. Continue doing this until all the poles and feet are in and the gazebo is complete

Step 3- Finishing touches

If your gazebo kit came with any ornamental decorations that go on the dome this is the easiest time to install these pieces. You can also fashion the top with a vining plant or two, filling in the spaces to your heart’s desire. This will lend a rustic, aged look to the gazebo, making it seem like it’s a part of the garden instead of just an addition to it. The trick is to find a plant that’s already long enough to wrap around a post or two and reach all the way to the ground so it can be rooted. Wrap the plants around the dome of the structure and down as many of the legs as you want. Make sure the roots go down at least one leg and have enough extra room to be firmly planted in the ground.

Step 4- Lifting the gazebo into place

Using your helpers, hoist the gazebo up onto its legs cautiously. You should ideally have enough helpers so that nobody has to strain to lift this structure.

Step 5- Planting your vining plants (optional)

If you have decided to go with some vining plants to add uniqueness to your wrought iron gazebo, then now is the time to plant the roots which should be easily accessible at the bottom of one of the legs.